Two Weird Sinus Relief Tricks


  Discover these ancient secrets to relieve sinus pressure and congestion. Dr. Ivker illustrated these in his 4th edition of Sinus Survival. You can do them almost anywhere, in the car, at a stoplight or in your office (well, maybe with your door closed). #1. Om or Aum Yogi Chant #2. Sinus Acupressure Om or AUM Yogi Chant: In your car, home, or office, this

Thyme to Your Sinus Rescue


Thyme is one of the chief ingredients in Sinus Survival Sinuthyme, a true mucus-busting ingredient. Let’s review Thyme’s benefits and how to get more thyme into your diet naturally. It’s About Thyme There are over 60 varieties of thyme. French thyme is the most commonly used, while there is also orange thyme, lemon thyme, and silver thyme. It’s an easy herb to find in your

It’s the Sinus Season – What are you going to do about it?

It’s the Sinus Season – What are You going to do about it?

Teleseminar with Dr. Rob Ivker Author, Sinus Survival When: Thursday. Nov.6th, 2014, Time: 8 p.m. ET   Join us to discover the latest developments in natural health.   I’ve already seen patients with sinus infections and upper respiratory conditions this month. Fall is turning to the Sinus and Cold Season… It’s time to go on the offensive.   Join me for a Teleseminar, Register Here

A Breakthrough in Self-Care, Prevention and Modern Medicine.

Personalized Smart Tool called IQYOU

A New Free Tool to Change Your Life Dr. Rob Ivker   Were you aware of an amazing new benefit that Village Green is providing to you to facilitate a breakthrough in your health? It’s a personalized self-care on-line tool which provides you with an on-going roadmap for your health. It starts with a customized supplement, which costs around the same as buying all of

98% Aren’t Getting What Their Bodies Need, But You Can With IQYOU

Personalized Smart Tool called IQYOU

The best part is that Sinus Survival and Village Green Apothecary are providing the solutions to you for FREE with IQYOU. By Dr. Joseph Pizzorno – Founder, Bastyr University   Did you know that most of us aren’t getting our nutritional needs met, which is causing an epidemic of chronic health conditions? A new “Smart Tool” can now help you.   A new “Smart Tool”

Custom Nutrients to Fit You Not Your Neighbor

Custom Nutrients to Fit You Not Your Neighbor

Custom Nutrients to Fit You Not Your Neighbor – A New Approach to Solve Your Unique Needs Isn’t it curious that we all buy the same bottles of supplements, but no two people are alike? Did you ever stop and think, is this right for me? Did you wonder if you should be taking the same thing as the 6’7” person who just stepped in

The Secret Foods Which Magnify Your Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal Allergies, Foods Which Magnify Your Seasonal Allergies

Did you know what you’re eating might be magnifying many of your seasonal allergies? It’s true. More than half of us have food allergies, which cause a greater allergy response to pollens, molds and other allergens. There are also many foods that cause an allergy response for the 60 million allergy sufferers, like you and I.   Milk is one of those foods that can