Sinus Surgery

What 7 Sinus Symptoms are All Linked to this Common Bacteria?


Are You Fatigued and Tired of Your Sinus Symptoms? See If You Have This Common Bacteria. (It just might be the link to set your sinuses and other symptoms free!)      These Top Sinus Issues are all Linked to this Culprit: 1). Fatigue 2). Sinus Pressure and Sinus Pain 3). Sinus Congestion 4). Post Nasal Drainage 5). Dry Cough 6). Discolored Mucous 7). Headaches Do

Sinus Surgery to Correct Chronic Sinusitis

In an NCR (National Public Radio) airing, Judy Foreman, who writes a health column for The Boston Globe, describes her experience in having sinus surgery to correct her chronic sinusitis NPR Story. Is Sinus Surgery Curative? The report described that Judy now has 3 or 4 sinus infections in a year versus 5 or more. “I get a cold and I freak out because I

How do I know if I need sinus surgery?

Do I Need Sinus Surgery

I’ve had chronic sinusitis for many months (or years) and my doctor is recommending Sinus Surgery. Do you think it’s necessary? That is not a question that can be answered without knowing the background and condition of the patient. The most common answer is, No! Dr. Ivker would state to anyone that is being recommended to undergo sinus surgery to first speak with a certified

How Can I Avoid Sinus Surgery?

How Can I Avoid Sinus Surgery?

Why you should consider a natural solution first before undergoing sinus surgery. By Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival   You’re at the end of your rope. You’ve taken rounds of antibiotics, sprayed nasal steroids and tried almost everything. You’ve seen your doctor and now an ENT is recommending Sinus Surgery. You think I’ll do it, whatever it takes to just get rid of this pain