How Can I Avoid Sinus Surgery?

Why you should consider a natural solution first before undergoing sinus surgery.
By Dan Gay, CMO
Sinus Survival

How Can I Avoid Sinus Surgery

You’re at the end of your rope. You’ve taken rounds of antibiotics, sprayed nasal steroids and tried almost everything. You’ve seen your doctor and now an ENT is recommending Sinus Surgery. You think I’ll do it, whatever it takes to just get rid of this pain – STOP!
Did you know that Sinus Surgery is not curative? The majority of sinus sufferers continue to have sinus infections and sinus issues even after invasive sinus surgery. While some sinus surgeries are necessary, many of them are not. I should know. I was so frustrated with my own chronic sinuses, sinus infections and daily symptoms that I was ready to do just about anything to stop it. That did include sinus surgery many years ago for a deviated septum, which I was told was causing my sinus issues. The result was that I went through a painful surgery and recovery, the surgery further inflamed my sinuses and in the months and years that followed I suffered with even greater sinus pain.

How Can I Avoid Sinus Surgery

Now what’s up with that? Why are there over 400,000 sinus surgeries performed per year if they aren’t curative? Dr. Rob Ivker, author of Sinus Survival, states “Unfortunately the current practice of medicine is not addressing the underlying causes of the symptoms. While surgery may be the best option for someone with bad nasal polyps blocking the nasal passages, if a deviated septum is the reason given for surgery, I’d postpone the surgery and diligently follow the Sinus Survival Program. An aggressive approach to treating candida/fungal sinusitis would be extremely helpful if you consider yourself a candidate. After treating yourself for one to two months, if your condition is unchanged (which is highly unlikely), you can then choose the surgical option, knowing that you’ve “given it your best shot.”
The issue, which I’ve learned first-hand, is that sinus sufferers have numerous inflammatory “underlying conditions” which cause the mucous membrane or sinuses to become swollen, blocked or clogged to create the sinus pressure and many sinus symptoms that we all have experienced. The Ostia tube, which connects the sinuses, is very small and it doesn’t take much for it to become blocked and to create a stagnant mucus pool of infection in the sinuses. The cilia, which are millions of microscopic hair-like sweepers, normally clean the nose and sinuses from bacteria, particles, and pollutants which we breathe-in. The cilia can become immobilized when your sinuses become blocked and infected and their ability to do their job becomes impaired in this chain of events.
Common sense should be to address the factors that cause inflammation first before ever thinking of undergoing a painful sinus surgery. I just wished that I had known that BEFORE I HAD SINUS SURGERY.
The lesson here is to save yourself time, money and a painful experience by first following the proven Sinus Survival Solution, pioneered by Dr. Rob Ivker, Author of best-selling Sinus Survival. Over 90% of people who do, find at a minimum great relief and the majority eliminate their recurring sinus condition.


  1. Jay Fultz says

    Dear Sir: Where do I find Dr. Ivker’s Sinus Solution Program? A nose-ear-throat specialist has ordered a cat scan of my sinuses. What is that procedure designed to reveal? I am eighty years old, have long-standing sinus problems, but they are not so severe (I experience no pain, seldom have headaches) that I can’t live with them. Because I have no confidence in this specialist, who is curt and not open to questions, I would like to cancel the scan and not see him again–does that seem reasonable? I wish to avoid surgery if at all possible. Based on my admittedly sketchy information, what would you advise? Jay Fultz

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