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No More Allergy Suffering. Make this Allergy Season an Allergy-Free Season.

Allergy Season, Allergy-Free Season.

If you’re tired of being on the allergy misery treadmill, you’ve got hope! Over the past 10 years Dr. Ivker has developed a comprehensive program that absolutely works for me. I was in misery from April through the spring and then during my peak allergy times in the summer…no longer. By naturally addressing the underlying causes of those allergies, I rarely have allergies anymore, if

Is the Gold Membership Different than Dr. Ivker’s Book?

Dr. Ivkers

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival This is in response to an email that we recently received: “My name is Shazid. I am a sinus sufferer. I have read Dr. Ivkers book and it did help me. But my sinus conditions have come back. I am curious to know how the Gold Membership is different from the content of the book?” Yes, the Gold Membership