1). A Pillow Trick for Your Sinuses

Every few weeks put your pillow in the dryer for 10 minutes to kill dust mites that cause allergies and asthma symptoms.

2). Remove Books and Magazines from the Area Where You Sleep

Remove books and magazines from the area where you sleep. They contain dirt, dust, must, and molds, which cause congestion and allergy symptoms. Also vacuum often.

3). Allergy Mattress Cover

You don’t want to think about dust mite tailings, dust, and allergens getting embedded in your mattress, right where you sleep. For extra protection, add an allergy mattress cover.

4). Add a Negative Ionizer

With three trillion negative ions per second, the Sinus Survival Air Vitalizer cleans a room of the floating particles you’d otherwise breathe in, causing irritation, congestion, headaches, and allergies. It cleans pollutants down to under 5 microns, much more effective than Hepa filters.

5). Change Furnace/A.C. Filters Monthly

Don’t let dirty filters blow pollutants into your air. Dr. Ivker recommends a 3M Filter to be changed monthly.

6). Clean Rugs and Surfaces

Vacuum rugs, or better yet remove them from the bedroom, if possible. This is especially helpful for asthma conditions. Keep all surfaces clean and get into a habit of cleaning at least once weekly.

7). When it’s Dry, Humidify

The air easily gets dry when the heat is on or the air conditioning is blowing in the home. You’ll sleep better and get more life-giving oxygen at night if you have a humidifier creating the right environment for your sinuses. Anytime you feel dry sinus headaches or have a dry nose or sinuses, that’s your sign that you need to add humidity to your rescue before that dryness turns into a sinus infection.

8). Double Action – Get Better Sleep While Freeing Your Sinuses

Dr. Ivker recommends taking 400-500 mg of Magnesium Glycinate an hour before bed. It’s a natural sleep agent and it helps to free sinuses while you sleep.

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