#4: Salad Dressing: Trade-in Secrets for Healthy Eating


The trade-in: Bottled dressing for homemade dressing (plus tricks when eating out).   Where does your dressing stack up? Most don’t. The majority are loaded with calories, unhealthy sodium, fats, cholesterol, and even sugar. Your dressing is probably sabotaging your good intentions. Even the low-fat dressings can have up to 21% of your recommended daily sodium intake plus added sugars. The marriage of such a

Healthy Trade-In #4 – Which Fruit Increases Metabolism in Fat Cells?


Trade-in Your Current Dessert for this Healthy Fruit Raspberries are a Super Fruit and they’re in Season! Not only are raspberries inexpensive and delicious, but they offer an amazing array of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that aren’t found in most fruits. Eat them after a meal to improve digestion, block fat cell absorption, and provide a natural anti-inflammatory response within your body. Raspberries are low

FDA Warning for Neti Pot Users – Important!


The FDA warns that if they aren’t used properly, the user runs the risk of The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that the use of neti pots and other nasal irrigation devices can be dangerous, if not used properly. They can lead to serious infection from contaminated dirty devices and normal tap water. The problem isn’t the neti pot, it’s how it’s used.

Energy Boosting Sinus Smoothie


Want my go-to recipe for an energy-boosting non-inflammatory smoothie? It’s packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, greens, healthy fats, and provides energy all morning. It’s great for those with sinus inflammation… The Issues: Eating anti-inflammatory foods is an absolute must for all of us, especially if you have sinus congestion and inflammation. What you’re currently eating may be causing many of your sinus issues. So start

Teleseminar Series With Dr. Rob Ivker: Transcript of Event 11-6-14

Stop Respiratory Issues Before they Start – New Discoveries for Building an Iron-Clad Immunity   Hi, I’m Dan Gay, VP of Sinus Survival and Village Green. I’d like to welcome those who are new to the Sinus Survival program. I would also like to thank our valuable clients, who are so important to us, for joining us. Tonight we’re going to unveil an exciting new

Creating Allergy-Free Air

eliminate allergies

Allergy-Free Zone Part 4 – Creating Allergy-Free Air By, Dr. Rob Ivker Have you ever noticed how you feel when you’re next to a pounding surf near an ocean, or by a waterfall or maybe how clean the air smells when you’re in a pine forest? Nature has a built-in air cleaner, which generates billions of negative ions, which create that clean air. Creating Allergy-Free

What 7 Sinus Symptoms are All Linked to this Common Bacteria?


Are You Fatigued and Tired of Your Sinus Symptoms? See If You Have This Common Bacteria. (It just might be the link to set your sinuses and other symptoms free!)      These Top Sinus Issues are all Linked to this Culprit: 1). Fatigue 2). Sinus Pressure and Sinus Pain 3). Sinus Congestion 4). Post Nasal Drainage 5). Dry Cough 6). Discolored Mucous 7). Headaches Do

Allergy-Free Zone: Treating Allergies

Treating Allergies

Allergies play a significant role in contributing to the chronic sinusitis of at least half of the 40 million sinus sufferers. A genetic predisposition, a dysfunctional or hyperreactive immune system, airborne allergens (pollen, mold, animal dander, dust mites, chemical exposures, etc.) and emotional factors are the primary triggers for precipitating allergy symptoms. Along with the above factors, polluted, dry, and cold air can act as