Teleseminar Series With Dr. Rob Ivker: Transcript of Event 11-6-14

Stop Respiratory Issues Before they Start – New Discoveries for Building an Iron-Clad Immunity

Hi, I’m Dan Gay, VP of Sinus Survival and Village Green. I’d like to welcome those who are new to the Sinus Survival program. I would also like to thank our valuable clients, who are so important to us, for joining us.

Tonight we’re going to unveil an exciting new solution for respiratory sufferers. You can now make this the best winter season you’ve had in years. Remember the last chest cold you had? Remember how long the bronchitis lasted and how painful it was? How about the last sinus infection when you felt miserable. Let’s make those a part of your past.

If you could protect yourself from getting a cold, a virus or frustrating respiratory issues you would. If you could reduce their severity and duration if you caught one, you’d do it.

Tonight we’re going to talk about proven ways to build your immunity. We’re fortunate to have Dr. Rob Ivker, author of Sinus Survival. Dr. Ivker is the world’s leading authority on respiratory and sinus care and continues to be a pioneer in modern medicine.

Dan: Welcome Dr. Ivker
Dr. Ivker: Thank you, Dan, It’s great to be here.
Dan: Dr. Ivker before we unveil an exciting new immunity solution, will you start by sharing some of the key components of building immunity?
Dr. Ivker: Most of you with chronic sinusitis or a respiratory condition have not been as sick as you are now for your entire life. What happened to you? A normally functioning immune system protects us from infection, allergies, asthma, cancer, and almost any other physical dysfunction. Something (often it’s several things occurring at approximately the same time) happened that caused your body’s chief protector to break down.

In the case of these 3 respiratory conditions the primary stressors to normal immune function are:

  • Emotional stress
  • Air pollution
  • Overuse of antibiotics
  • Yeast (candida/fungus) overgrowth
  • Unhealthy diet and/or inadequate nutritional supplements
  • Sleep
Dan: We’ve focused on candida overgrowth in other seminars. And although this is one of the main causes of chronic sinusitis, let’s focus on the other areas that you mentioned. If someone is interested to learn more about candida overgrowth you can email and she’ll send you a full report and a candida quiz that you can take at home. We’ve also talked about the overuse of antibiotics and their relationship with creating fungal sinusitis. We’ve reviewed Allimed, known as “Nature’s Antibiotic”, which you recommend to your patients when they have a cold or sinus infection versus an antibiotic.
Dr. Ivker: I recommend to always have a bottle of Allimed or Allimax in your refrigerator. That is your first defense if you feel a sore throat or cold coming on. It can stop a cold from fully developing and the cold to sinus infection cycle. Many people also take 1 Allimax daily because it’s an excellent immune booster for colds.
Dan: Great. Also, all Sinus Survival Members have access to a $30 off code off of our website for Allimed within our membership site. Now lets focus on these other components. Dr. Ivker, can you begin with Sleep?
Dr. Ivker: Sleep is possibly the most powerful and overlooked key to overall well-being. Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of colds and sinus infections, which 50 million Americans suffer insomnia. The average American only gets 6 hours of sleep per night. Getting adequate sleep helps your body to build and repair. Without it you become fatigued, tired and are susceptible to viruses and attacks on your body. My focus would be to properly prepare for sleep and to avoid awakening to an alarm clock.
Dan: We have a document with your sleeping tips that everyone will receive in their email after tonight. Tell us a few quick tips on preparing yourself for sleep.
Dr. Ivker: Turn off the TV at least 30 minutes to an hour before you go to sleep. Do some light reading in bed for 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure that your bedroom is dark and over any digital light from a clock or other source.
Dan: Great. Now lets talk about Emotional Stress.
Dr. Ivker: Research has shown the devastating effects on your cells and your body due to stress. It also compromises your immunity. Solutions to counter stress include:

  • Journaling
  • Anger Release (hitting a punching bag, bringing arms down into a pillow and other techniques).
  • Laughing
  • Crying
Dan: Isn’t exercise also an important component of reducing stress?
Dr. Ivker: Yes it is and it’s also an important part of building your immunity. There are 3 areas of exercise that are most beneficial:

Aerobic – 20-30 minutes 3x a week minimum.

Dan: You mentioned that mental health is also vitally important, but this topic could be an hour in itself. Can you just give us a couple of solutions to improving our mental health, which in turn improves our immunity?
Dr. Ivker:
  • Live your ideal life vision
  • dentify limiting, critical and negative messages and replace with positive ones.
  • Affirmations – write, recite and visualize
Dan: You mentioned Air Pollution and it’s negative effects on sinus health and immunity in past seminars. I don’t want to spend too much time here. You’ve illustrated that we spend too much time indoors where the air is drier, causing poor oxygen exchange, dry sinus membranes causing headaches and congestion and that the positive ion content is too high creating more stress on our system. If you could briefly provide solutions to benefit our immunity.
Dr. Ivker: Yes, due to drier air with the heat or air conditioners on in our cars and in our homes and offices we should have a humidifier in our offices and where we sleep. The air should be “Hawaii Like”. You will get more oxygen, sleep better and feel less fatigued. I also recommend a negative-ion generation device. The negative ions attach to the positively charged ions to become a heavier charge to drop to the floor to remove pollutants from the air that you breathe. I recommend the Air Vitalizer by Sinus Survival.
Dan: How about Diet, what are your quick diet recommendations to reduce inflammatory factors and improve immunity?
Dr. Ivker: The best approach is to follow the Fully Alive Diet for good health. Avoid inflammatory foods. Eat vegetable, fruits, whole grains and get plenty of fiber. I recommend putting flax seed in your cereal, on your salads, in soups.

– Get enough non-inflammatory foods. There are many non-inflammatory foods which sinus sufferers should make a part of their diet like cherries, blueberries and ginger.

Dan: This information is available for all Sinus Survival members. Now let’s discuss nutrients that can be added to your diet to build immunity. Let’s first start with your core supplements and then we’ll reveal your latest research and product.
Dr. Ivker: There are proven natural supplements to boost your immunity. This area is very important, especially since many of the foods today are not as rich in nutrients as they once were. I break supplements down to the core supplements and then the seasonal supplements.

Core Supplements:

  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D3, 5,000 to 10,000IU’s daily
  • Everyone should take a good multivitamin daily.

Your multivitamin should have selenium, chromium picolonate, and Beta Caroteen if not, you should add these to your core supplements. The highest quality supplements like Pathway Multi-two have these ingredients. I’ve also been very impressed with the customized IQYOU program.

Dan: Everyone will receive information about IQYOU and a coupon to try it. IQYOU is an on-line health genie which we’ve developed with Dr. Joe Pizzorno. It maps the exact nutrient needs of each individual to provide a biochemical match to your needs. It also provides a road-map to facilitate your best health. These core nutrients that you just listed would be created in an individual daily packet so you don’t have to buy 20 bottles of supplements and you’ll get exactly what you need.
Dr. Ivker: I also recommend taking additional supplements during the cold season to include:

OPC Grape Seed Extract follows Dr. Masquer’s formulation. This formula has been shown to be 50x the strength of vitamin C as an antioxidant and has been shown to strengthen the immune system response to free radicals and viruses. It’s also a staple component of the Allergy support program as a natural anti-histamine during the allergy season.

Sinus Survival Probiotic is a powerful probiotic with over 20 billion cultures including Saccharomyces boulardii a proven aid in digestive health and l. Casei which studies have shown to reduce the incidences of the common cold.

Sinus Survival Herbal Spray is a natural spray to moisten the sinus passages during the cold, dry winter months. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can be used daily as a part of good sinus health. This spray is a part of my daily routine for good daily sinus hygiene.

Dan: Dr. Ivker, Great, thank you. Now I want to talk about all of the recent research on Beta Glucan and the exciting new product that you’ve helped us to formulate called Well Immune.
Dr. Ivker: I’m pleased to do so.
Dan: Tell us about Beta Glucan and the exciting news for those that have been challenged with respiratory conditions.
Dr. Ivker: Pure Beta Glucan is considered the most effective single nutrient to naturally prime immune cells. Well Immune is the most well-researched, single beta glucan, proven in clinical trials to ignite and protect the immune system from on-going stressors.

The benefits of Beta-glucan and Well Immune are well documented. I now recommend this product to my patients.

Dan: Tell us about some of the research.
Dr. Ivker: Beta-glucan has become the subject of over 800 scientific studies. Well Immune has been shown in clinical studies to have a potent effect on immune responsiveness and to defend the system from the effects of recurring stress. Many studies have shown that beta-glucan also promotes production of antioxidant enzymes and supports immune function against microbes. In the majority of those studies, those with past respiratory conditions reported fewer respiratory challenges by as much as 71%. Many report experiencing better physical health and mental clarity.

A Texas Marathon study showed a 34% decrease in upper respiratory symptoms versus a control group. A 90 day lifestyle study showed a 58% drop in respiratory conditions showing that the longer people are on a daily dosage, the more effective the benefits. A 30 day study of stressed-out individuals showed a 42% increase in vigor, 38% decrease in fatigue and a 71% decrease in upper respiratory conditions.

Exercise stress studies show that Well Immune prevented the drop in protective white blood cells that can occur following intense exercise. Improved Mucosal Immunity has been shown. The higher salivary IgA, a protective protein, is associated with improved immune protection of the mucosa. Well Immune helped salivary IgA levels rebound more quickly after exercise.

Dan: Can you tell us how it works?
Dr. Ivker: Yes, taken orally,

1). Well Immune is taken up into the body via the Peyer’s Patches in the intestines.
2). Immune cells called macrophages containing Well Immune travel to the immune organs throughout the body.
3). Macophages break down Wellmune into smaller fragments that bind to neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in the body.
4). Neturophils more quickly recognize and kill foreign challenges.

Well Immune is clinically proven to boost white blood cells that help you stay well. It exercises the immune system to keep you healthy.

Well Immune is clinically proven to boost key immune cells.

It mobilizes billions of innate immune cells that are part of the body’s natural defenses.

It activates key immune responses that maintain health and wellness.

It has been shown to reduce allergic responses and to be beneficial to those who are on the go or who create stress in their body from intensive workouts.

Dan: I want to thank you Dr. Ivker for your commitment to expanding the Sinus Survival program to benefit thousands of people like me, who have respiratory challenges.
Dr. Ivker: You’re welcome Dan and its exciting to have a new product like this which can help so many people.
Dan: I’m especially excited about this new product and the research behind it for my own daughter, who has controlled her asthma well following your program. I’m concerned this year as this is her first year in college and I’d like to give her immunity a boost. It’s when she gets a cold that she has the majority of her asthma symptoms.
Dr. Ivker: I’d be concerned with her sleep first and foremost. Most students don’t get enough rest.
Dan: You’re right, she has two other roommates, so that can be a challenge.
Dr. Ivker: Well Immune will help her. Any irritant or inflammatory event like a cold can really make an asthmatic have real issues. I agree this would be a great daily product to add to her routine. Just tell her how important her sleep is.
Dan: I’ll do that. Regarding dosage can you share your recommendations for taking it?
Dr. Ivker: It’s simple, just take 1 capsule daily, along with your multivitamin or other supplements along with breakfast.
Dan: Thanks. I too will be taking Well Immune with my hectic schedule and work-outs, it’s a welcome product to have. I’d like to wrap-up and share some other clinical benefits of Well Immune after just 4 weeks in studies which include:

  • Reduces allergy symptoms and their severity.
  • Reduced Nasal symptoms.
  • Reduction in colds, their severity and duration.
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Decreased sleep problems.
  • Improved emotions and global mood state.
  • Improved quality of life.
Dan: Thank you for joining us this evening. Also, Thank you Dr. Ivker.
Dr. Ivker: Thank you Dan.
Dan: If you have any questions you can send an email to and a sinus expert will follow-up with you. If you’re interested in scheduling a consult with Dr. Ivker you can do that at and his information is shown on that site.

You will be receiving a saving coupon for free shipping in your email to help you get started with Well Immune. You’ll also receive a free ebook that we promised and other goodies. Thank you and good night.

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