Sinus Pressure

Reduce Your Sinus Inflammation with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Dr. Rob Ivker, author of best-selling Sinus Survival, recommends that there are two things that you can do to decrease the inflammatory causative factors in your body: 1). Decrease your intake of inflammatory foods: processed sugars and starches, refined/simple carbohydrates, dairy, alcohol, white flour, processed foods, chemical sugar sweeteners, table salt, MSG, caffeine, and red meat; and 2). Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods. Add

What are sinuses and sinus pressure which cause pain?

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By Dr. Rob Ivker, author Sinus Survival A SINUS OR SINUSES ARE…hollow air cavities in the skull connecting the nasal passages. They are connected via a narrow passageway called the ostium. The sinuses purpose is to humidify the air to the lungs, as well as create mucus secretion to eliminate unwanted particles from the body. They are a vital part of the respiratory process to