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Sinus Survival Testimonials


“Thank you for facilitating a major change in my life. I had years of pain and frustration, prescriptions without end, sinus surgery and nothing worked. I finally got my life back with Sinus Survival. Before my life was about which medication to take next, now that and sinus pain are a part of my past – Not a prescription, nor a sinus infection in 7 years!”

Dan G., Englewood, CO,


“I used to have miserable sinus infections and sinus pain, antibiotics just didn’t work. Your program showed me the natural way to stop an infection and keep one from returning. I feel great. Thank you.”

James F., Los Angeles, CA., International Consultant


“I wasn’t looking for a sinus solution, but that’s what finally stopped all of the symptoms that I had. Now I’ve never felt better! 

Your education not only solved the big mystery with all of these symptoms, but has me living a much healthier life where I’m making better choices. Thank you.”

Randy Oaks, Cherry Hills Village, CO, Chief Financial Officer


“I had lethargy, aches and pains, bloating, skin rashes and a list of sinus issues. Your on-line program was remarkable along with the herbal supplements. I no longer live the life that I was forced to live in the past. I now have improved my 50K running time by over 10 minutes! The education was invaluable and will be with me forever. Thank you! It changed all aspects of my life.”

Catherine Filippone, San Francisco, CA, Therapist