Get Relief for Dry Sinus Headache and Sinus Congestion

Get Relief for Dry Sinus Headache and Sinus Congestion

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival You’re tired of the sinus pressure. It’s as if you’ve hooked your nose up to an air pump. Your head feels like it’s ready to pop. You’re contemplating taking a sharp object to relieve the sinus pain behind your eyes. You just want to put an end to your suffering, HELP, and dynamite crossed your mind, but there’s a

Stop Sinusitis With 5 Natural Remedies & Treatments for Sinus Infection

Allicin, Proven Natural Infection Fighting Herb

If you’ve had a sinus infection you know that you don’t ever want another one. It is a miserable experience. You wish you could just turn a valve to relieve the pressure behind your eyes, cheek bones and face. So why does this happen in the first place? This is the key to the Sinus Survival Solution: to understand the causative factors to stop them

Stop Sinus Symptoms and Chronic Sinusitis

Stop sinus congestion, sinus pain, headaches, mucus, sinus symptoms

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival If you have sinus symptoms you’re not alone. There are over 90 Million in the U.S. who have allergies and over 40 million Americans have Chronic Sinusitis. And 15 million who have Asthma also have allergies. Most sinus sufferers are locked into a Sinus Sufferers Cycle of pain and misery including routine headaches, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip, fatigue other

Should I Take Antibiotics for a Sinus Infection?

by Dan Gay, CFO Sinus Survival   As you know Sinus Infections or Sinusitis can be miserable, frustrating and down-right debilitating. You feel exhausted, the pain behind your cheeks and eyes is maddening, your vision is blurred, you cough and hack, you have nasty green or brown-green mucus (snot as my daughter calls it) draining down your throat. We’ve become accustomed to begging our physician