Stop Sinus Symptoms and Chronic Sinusitis

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival

If you have sinus symptoms you’re not alone. There are over 90 Million in the U.S. who have allergies and over 40 million Americans have Chronic Sinusitis. And 15 million who have Asthma also have allergies. Most sinus sufferers are locked into a Sinus Sufferers Cycle of pain and misery including routine headaches, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip, fatigue other symptoms. It is also common for many to have sinusitis or sinus infections frequently as well as seasonal allergies.

Stop Sinus Symptoms and Chronic Sinusitis

Why do so many of us have these conditions? It’s not one underlying cause, but a layering of inflammatory causes which create the right environment for the “Sinus Perfect Storm”. With newfound knowledge and a new proactive approach you can target the layers of inflammation to eliminate them for good! Thousands of people, just like you, have already done it.

Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. Think about how many times you have had sinus congestion, sinus pain, headaches, mucus or other symptoms. What has your approach been? You may take a decongestant or a nasal steroid spray, but you didn’t really get full relief. You still feel swelling in your sinuses, pain behind your eyes and don’t feel yourself. You may get a cold that turns into a sinus infection. You take the prescribed antibiotics and other medicines and you suffer for weeks, maybe even longer. It seems that your symptoms never really go away.

Stop Sinus Symptoms

The Sinus Survival Solution targets each of these UNDERLYING FACTORS to remove those daily sinus symptoms for good!

The Current Sinus Sufferer’s Cycle:

The Sinus Sufferer Cycle:
1). Numerous “Underlying Causes” create “Numerous Symptoms”.
2). The Accepted Solutions for Treatment address symptom relief, providing some relief, but can create further inflammatory responses in the sinuses. The sinus sufferer is in an endless cycle of antibiotics, nasal steroids, decongestants and other medications.
3). The Conditions become more frequent (Daily Symptoms, Sinus Infections & Allergies).
4). Symptoms Cause Frustration, Pain & Embarrassing Habits. (Blowing nose, nasal drainage, clearing throat, bad breath…).

Isn’t it time for a change? What if you could go all season without getting a sinus infection? What if you could eliminate your daily symptoms and stop the majority of sinus symptoms from returning?

What’s the Secret?
1). Discovering the Underlying Causes
2). Applying a New Proactive Approach

Sinus Survival has identified 15 Underlying Causes. You may have a few or many of these underlying causes. As an example, did you know that DRY HOT AIR causes your sinuses to become dry, inflamed and create a dry sinus headache? Think about when you get in the car and either the air conditioner or heater is on blowing directly at your sinuses. When you’re in a house or your office the hot forced air or air conditioner is running all of the time to dry out the air and the air that you breathe through your nose. The proper sinus environment is as Dr. Ivker calls it, “Hawaii Like”, at 72 degrees with 80% humidity. Also, dry airid climinate like Colorado, Arizona and the West are naturally dry. Just follow the Sinus Survival Recommendations in the Silver Membership for dry air.

The Free Silver Membership provides the full detailed approach for you to follow. Get started now.

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