Sinus Survival Program Overview

Over 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis. Conventional treatment, which often includes rounds of antibiotics, steroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs, is largely unsuccessful and can perpetuate a cycle of illness. The Sinus Survival Program was developed to identify and eliminate the root causes of your sinus symptoms and to heal inflammation, so that not only are you effectively treating sinus infections, but also preventing them in the future.

The Sinus Survival program provides supplement regimens, educational material, and helpful resources so that you have the necessary guidance and tools to help you regain your health.  Dr. Ivker has seen countless patients eradicate their sinus problems and enhance their health by following this program. Key components include:

  1. Quick Fix Protocol – Ivker’s step-by-step action plan provides immediate support for debilitating sinus symptoms and gives you a much needed jump start for solving your sinus issues. This protocol is also very effective for cold symptoms too. Learn more »
  2. Chronic Sinusitis – Identifying the root cause(s) of your sinus symptoms is a critical part of successful treatment. Because the majority of chronic sinusitis is caused by fungal overgrowth, we highly recommend that all chronic sinus sufferers take the Candida Quiz.
  3. Ivker’s Candida Protocol – This highly effective treatment plan includes diet guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, and powerful nutritional supplements to eradicate yeast, rebuild microbial balance, support immune health, and heal inflammation. Dr. Ivker’s protocol is outlined in the Sinus Survival Candida Guide.
  4. Ongoing Sinus Support – Long-term relief is the goal of the Sinus Survival program. That is why we provide a maintenance program, a lot of educational content and tools, as well as a wide selection of high quality products to address all of your sinus needs.

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