The 5 Things Causing You Congestion and Sinus Pain at Home and Work


Ever Think Your Congestion and Sinus Pain Could Be Caused from the Air? Indoor Air Is 100x More Polluted Studies show that indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Did you ever stop and think that your congestion and sinus pain could be caused by the air? While we may think about “The Brown Cloud” that has become a part

How a Breakfast Burrito Cured My Sinus Pain

How a Breakfast Burrito Cured My Sinuses

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival Want to learn some secrets for living without sinus pain, sinus congestion and frequent sinus infections? You’re going to be surprised to learn the common-sense approach which Sinus Survival followers have discovered. So what does a burrito have to do with my sinuses? Let me first share that I was told by doctors that I had the following conditions:

Should I Take Antibiotics for a Sinus Infection?

by Dan Gay, CFO Sinus Survival   As you know Sinus Infections or Sinusitis can be miserable, frustrating and down-right debilitating. You feel exhausted, the pain behind your cheeks and eyes is maddening, your vision is blurred, you cough and hack, you have nasty green or brown-green mucus (snot as my daughter calls it) draining down your throat. We’ve become accustomed to begging our physician