Natural Sinus Remedies

#4: Salad Dressing: Trade-in Secrets for Healthy Eating


The trade-in: Bottled dressing for homemade dressing (plus tricks when eating out).   Where does your dressing stack up? Most don’t. The majority are loaded with calories, unhealthy sodium, fats, cholesterol, and even sugar. Your dressing is probably sabotaging your good intentions. Even the low-fat dressings can have up to 21% of your recommended daily sodium intake plus added sugars. The marriage of such a


How to eliminate allergies from your life, naturally! No more sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, or feeling wiped out. By, Dr. Rob Ivker Are you struggling with allergies and wish you could remove them from your life? You’re in luck because there’s a way! You have to first stop what you’ve been doing… because it doesn’t work!   3 Proven Ways to Stop Allergies There are

No More Allergy Suffering. Make this Allergy Season an Allergy-Free Season.

Allergy Season, Allergy-Free Season.

If you’re tired of being on the allergy misery treadmill, you’ve got hope! Over the past 10 years Dr. Ivker has developed a comprehensive program that absolutely works for me. I was in misery from April through the spring and then during my peak allergy times in the summer…no longer. By naturally addressing the underlying causes of those allergies, I rarely have allergies anymore, if

Stop Sinusitis With 5 Natural Remedies & Treatments for Sinus Infection

Allicin, Proven Natural Infection Fighting Herb

If you’ve had a sinus infection you know that you don’t ever want another one. It is a miserable experience. You wish you could just turn a valve to relieve the pressure behind your eyes, cheek bones and face. So why does this happen in the first place? This is the key to the Sinus Survival Solution: to understand the causative factors to stop them