How to eliminate allergies from your life, naturally!

No more sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, or feeling wiped out.

By, Dr. Rob Ivker

Are you struggling with allergies and wish you could remove them from your life? You’re in luck because there’s a way! You have to first stop what you’ve been doing… because it doesn’t work!


3 Proven Ways to Stop Allergies

There are 3 surefire solutions that work for the majority of my patients…year-after-year. These will, at a minimum, reduce the severity, and if you’re like most people, may stop them from interrupting your life.

1). Build Your Allergy Immunity

An absolute must and first start is building an allergy immunity with a proven natural solution. Many years ago Dr. Masquelier developed a process to naturally remove the OPC benefits from grapes to target immune function and cardiovascular health. What he found was that this process had amazing benefits for those who were suffering from Hay Fever.

I’ve used Grape Seed Extract with the Masquelier formulation with my severe allergy sufferers. I’ve been recommending it for years and people have great results.  Pathway Grapeseed Extract has this special OPC formulation which provides a natural immunity to allergies and provides 30x the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. It’s a great immunity builder for the cold season as well. I highly recommend this to all of my sinus patients during both seasons. Just take 50Mg per 75 lbs of body weight on an empty stomach every morning. Start taking it at least 1 week before your normal allergy season. It takes about a week to build-up in your system to stop the histamine response to allergens. Dr.’s in Europe commonly recommend this solution for hay fever sufferers.

2). Block Histamine Response and Open Sinus Passages

I found another product, which should be combined with taking the Grapeseed extract to limit the histamine production and also open the sinuses. Again, my patients have used this successfully to stop allergies from forming: Sinus Survival Allercide. Just take daily and follow the directions on the bottle.

* NOTE: Most who take #1 and #2 rarely have an allergy symptom.

3). Natural Allergy Relief in Minutes

Have a natural defense at your ready, AllerDx, proven to stop the allergy response within 10 minutes. This is an amazing product developed by a colleague of mine in Boulder, Dr. Steven Morrissey, and his team of botanical plant experts and scientists. It’s an all-natural blend of herbs and mushrooms which control and moderate the body’s reaction to the external environment by modulating the immune system. Two separate controlled studies have shown it’s effectiveness.


Other Contributing Factors

There are other very important factors which can exacerbate your allergy symptoms. If you have severe allergies, you may need to go one step further to remove these from your life. One thing that everyone should reduce is their consumption of dairy products during the allergy season, especially milk. The protein in milk, casein, is the major allergy offender.

Download Allergy-Free Document 

To learn more about allergies and contributing factors, we’ve prepared a document you can download for free here: Allergy-Free Zone – TREATING ALLERGIES


Dr. Rob Ivker
Author, Sinus Survival
Founder, Fully Alive Medicine


  1. says

    I had no idea that there was a solution to getting rid of the indoor polluted air. I have noticed that there are a lot of dust particles floating around in my house. I am not sure if this is the cause of my allergies during spring, but I’ll have to talk with my wife about putting one in our house and seeing if it makes a difference.

    • dgay says

      Did you put an Air Vitalizer in your house? We’ve had one in each of our sleeping rooms for years. Our daughter, who has had asthma, really notices a difference. No wheezing. I feel much more clear headed.

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