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“Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  I hear that comment from many of my beginning patients, and assume you may feel similarly.  That’s why I’ve worked with Sinus Survival to develop resources to educate on the solutions to your healthy sinuses. Whether you have an occasional sinus infection, allergies, recurring sinus symptoms, or are a chronic sinus sufferer, there is a natural solution available for you.”       Dr. Rob Ivker

“I’m especially proud of our on-line Sinus Survival Kit which provides my Tutorial Videos, downloads and a self-care guide to eliminate underlying causes of recurring sinus conditions, chronic sinusitis and allergies. It is the same education that my patients receive and at a fraction of the price”      Dr. Rob Ivker

Dear Sinus Survival Team,

“I want to thank you for creating your insightful educational program and tutorial. I was introduced to program two years ago. I had infections, lethargy, etc. Since then my infections are gone, my skin cleared up, I no longer have to take antibiotics.

My running times have improved by 20 minutes on a 50K! I continue to follow the program, and never felt better! I recommend to my friends who have had the same results. It is one of the best things and has changed my life..”
Catherine Filippone, San Francisco, CA