How Do You Get a Sinus Infection? The Top 7 Underlying Causes of Sinusitis.


by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival You may be surprised to learn what’s causing your sinus headaches, sinus pressure, sinus congestion and post-nasal drip. If you learn what leads to a sinus infection, you can usually manage to never get one if you take the right preventions steps. The bones that make up the sinus cavities around the eyes, cheeks and nose are lined with

How to Avoid a Sinus Infection When Traveling

How to Avoid a Sinus Infection When Traveling

It’s a common occurrence for people to come down with a cold and/or a sinus infection after they travel. Follow this routine to avoid becoming the next victim. Why are sinus infections so common following travel? 1). Unhealthy recirculated cabin air: breathing in other’s viruses and bacteria in a closed setting. 2). Dry cabin air, which dries the sinuses to create congestion. 3). Very low,

Should I Take Antibiotics for a Sinus Infection?

by Dan Gay, CFO Sinus Survival   As you know Sinus Infections or Sinusitis can be miserable, frustrating and down-right debilitating. You feel exhausted, the pain behind your cheeks and eyes is maddening, your vision is blurred, you cough and hack, you have nasty green or brown-green mucus (snot as my daughter calls it) draining down your throat. We’ve become accustomed to begging our physician