How to Avoid a Sinus Infection When Traveling

It’s a common occurrence for people to come down with a cold and/or a sinus infection after they travel. Follow this routine to avoid becoming the next victim.

How to Avoid a Sinus Infection When Traveling

Why are sinus infections so common following travel?

1). Unhealthy recirculated cabin air: breathing in other’s viruses and bacteria in a closed setting.
2). Dry cabin air, which dries the sinuses to create congestion.
3). Very low, or nearly devoid of negative ions. This can cause since pain and respiratory inflammation.
4). Weakened immune system caused by stress, lack of sleep and other factors to lower our resistance to sinus infection.

Avoid a Sinus Infection

Solutions to Avoid a Sinus Infection When Traveling

• Get a good night’s sleep before and after your flight.
• Arrive at the airport at least an hour early to minimize stress.
• Eat before leaving for the airport. Have a healthy snack to bring with you.
• Take grape-seed extract (100mg) at least 20 minutes before the preflight meal.
• Take antioxidants following your meal: Vitamin C (2,000 mg), vitamin E (400 IU)
Allimax or AlliUltra Allicin (180 to 360 mg), and a good multivitamin.
Take another grape-seed extract on an empty stomach during your flight.
• Follow the same antioxidant routine daily during travel.

How to Avoid a Sinus Infection When Traveling

To maintain optimal function of sinuses:

• Drink lots of bottled water before, during, and after the flight.
• Avoid caffeine and alcohol, since they are both diuretics.
• Use a saline nasal spray frequently, both during and after the flight. I recommend the Sinus Survival Spray, which contains three medicinal herbs. It is important to counter the dry air which is blown overhead drying sinus cavities.
• Travel with a negative-ion generator to place next to your hotel bed to clean the air and prevent infection. I recommend the Sinus Survival AirVitalizer. It is small and portable to take from your bedroom to use in hotels during travel.


  1. says

    Hi Sinussurvival,

    Thank you so much for sharing this very insightful article. I really agree that lack of sleep can trigger sinus infection because I already experience it for how many times. I really don’t have idea why it is happening. Can you explain it for me for an additional knowledge? Thanks!

    • dgay says


      There are a number of factors that intertwine to cause the perfect storm for creating chronic sinusitis. Many of those factors also work against us for getting a sinus infection. Regarding sleep, if you don’t give your body the time to repair and rejuvenate you lower your immunity, which expose you to viruses or bacteria that can cause an infection. Unfortunately for the chronic sinus sufferer it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep because of the constant post nasal drip, phlegm, coughing and having to breathe through your mouth(getting less oxygen making you even more tired). Candida is usually the cause of many of these issues for the chronic sinusitis person. For others it can be a number of other factors causing the inflammation in the sinuses, which our program addresses individually to stop the perfect storm of pain and misery. Here are a couple, but one should go through the full program as it is too much to reply to here in this post. 1). Prepare yourself for better sleep (don’t watch TV, your smartphone or other electronic blue light emitting devices within at least an hour before bedtime. Do some light reading, meditate, relax. Certainly don’t pay bills or have a stressful conversation), 2). Have a humidifier in the bedroom to insure your sinuses get enough moisture, 3). Plug-in an Air Vitalizer negative ionizer in the bedroom to remove floating pollens and particles from where you spend 7 to 8 hours breathing, 4). Dr. Ivker recommends taking 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate an hour before bedtime for chronic sinus patients. This is known as nature’s natural sleep agent and it helps to open sinus passages.

      There is a full list in the Free Sinus Solution Center on bed time strategies to improve your sleep.

      Dan Gay
      Chief Sinus Champion

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