How Do You Get a Sinus Infection? The Top 7 Underlying Causes of Sinusitis.

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival

You may be surprised to learn what’s causing your sinus headaches, sinus pressure, sinus congestion and post-nasal drip. If you learn what leads to a sinus infection, you can usually manage to never get one if you take the right preventions steps.

How Do You Get a Sinus Infection

The bones that make up the sinus cavities around the eyes, cheeks and nose are lined with a membrane (mucous membrane) that produces mucus, its function is to filter germs and pollutants to the stomach while warming inhaled air correct for the correct oxygen exchange to the lungs. When the sinuses become inflamed by numerous causes, the normal flow is restricted, sinus congestion leads to sinus blockage, the mucus accumulates leading to sinus pressure and sinus infection. This leads to fatigue with less oxygen to provide life to the body, heavy discolored yellow green mucus and numerous symptoms.

Think of a mountain stream, when it’s moving the water is vibrant and jumping with life. Stop the flow and the water becomes murky, becomes toxic and lifeless, like a cesspool. Nasal passages or sinuses provide life to the body, like the running water to the stream. Add a number of inflammatory factors and the right environment is created for a sinus infection.

What Are the Causes of a Sinus Infection?

1). Hot Dry Air, Cold Dry Air (leads to dry sinuses, inflammation, dry sinus headaches, sinus blockage)
2). Airborne Environmental Pollutants and Irritants – Positively Charged Ions:

  • Pollen, Dust, Pet Dander
  • Molds, Fungus and Mildew
  • Dust Mites
  • Fumes from building products: Formaldehyde, glues etc.
  • Electronics, Computers, lights (create positively charged ions in the air which fatigue sinuses).

3). Virus, Viruses, Bacteria
4). Sleep: Poor Sleep Patterns or Lack of Sleep (lowers immunity and body can’t repair itself)
5). Stress and Emotions (increases inflammation, lowers immunity)
6). Inflammatory Foods
7). Fungal Overgrowth or Candida Overgrowth (the main cause of chronic sinusitis)

How Do You Get a Sinus Infection

There are many other causes of inflammation detailed in the Sinus Survival Guide. Not one component necessarily leads to a sinus infection. But when you mix some of the components from above, lack of sleep which lowers immunity, dry sinuses which clog nasal passages, a stressful situation which causes additional sinus inflammation, you create the perfect storm for a sinus infection. Think back to your last sinus infection, you can probably guess why it happened: I was traveling, eating poorly, didn’t get enough sleep, was in heated cars/airplanes, didn’t take my supplements, and had a stressful situation at the time…

While you can’t always create the perfect environment for your sinuses, you can take counter steps to reduce the inflammatory response for the environment that you’re in. Learn how through the Sinus Survival Solution. By following the solutions, becoming a super-sleuth to find out what is causing your symptoms, you can be free of sinus symptoms.Your sinus infection remedy is to have a strong offensive and defensive game plan for whatever you encounter.

To your great sinus health!


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