Is the Gold Membership Different than Dr. Ivker’s Book?

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival

This is in response to an email that we recently received:

“My name is Shazid. I am a sinus sufferer. I have read Dr. Ivkers book and it did help me. But my sinus conditions have come back. I am curious to know how the Gold Membership is different from the content of the book?”

Yes, the Gold Membership is the most up-to-date information from Dr. Ivker’s program to address chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and recurrent sinus pain and suffering.

Dr. Ivker’s 4th edition was published in 2000, 13 years ago. While the book was a ground-breaking medical advance at the time and the content is still very relevant, Dr. Ivker has continued to expand the program to benefit sinus sufferers. “The Gold Membership allows Sinus Survival to update my new findings and valuable information and education in real-time,” states Dr. Ivker.

Dr. Ivkers program to address chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis and recurrent sinus pain and suffering

My idea on offering the Gold Membership was to provide a similar experience to what a patient learns from Dr. Ivker in his extensive patient consult process (I paid $2,500 and spent 10 hours over 3 months with Dr. Ivker). Most individuals don’t have the time, money or their location would not permit them to have that experience. The Gold Membership was developed to provide this experience. First there is great downloadable content, like the Sinus Survival Guide and Practicing Good Nasal Hygiene, there are tutorials from Dr. Ivker to educate on the components which create the layers of inflammation which cause chronic sinusitis, sinus congestion, sinus pain and pressure, post-nasal drip, fatigue and other sinus symptoms. You will learn the 15 components of inflammation, which most will have more than one of these. Starting with What is a Sinus and What are Sinuses For? and learning their important role in your great health and how to keep them in optimum condition.

The most important component: uncovering the underlying causes of a sinus condition and how to stop it. Gold Members receive a Free Sinus Coach Consult to answer questions and Free email support. Members are invited to take part in Free teleseminars with Dr. Ivker to ask their questions and to listen to great information from the World’s Leading Authority on Good Sinus Health. Members receive monthly information in their email with Dr. Ivker tips and new content to keep them feeling their absolute best.

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