“…within the first 10 days of following his program, I felt a noticeable difference. Over the next six weeks my problems seemed to vanish. I continue to adhere to the guidelines and the supplements I need to take. Now they are my insurance policy.” Wendy C., Indian Hills, CO


“Thank you for saving my life. I had severe sinus problems for months and developed chronic fatigue. I have been able to heal my inflamed sinuses and have not had a sinus infection for two years.” Brian B., Skokie, Illinois

Testimonial – ALLERGY RELIEF 2

“I wanted to let you know how very helpful your advice concerning allergies has been for both me and my husband. Thank you so much! After only a few days on OPC Grape Gold and Well Immune my allergies went away, and have stayed away!” June R., Centennial, CO

Testimonial – ALLERGY RELIEF 1

“It completely changed my life! Within one week of starting your allergy program I noticed improvement. I have not had a migraine in two years; I breathe clearly. It was truly a lifesaver for me.” Vickie W., Montpelier, Virginia

Testimonial – SINUSITIS 1

“Your program was responsible for digging me out of sinus hell, and I will be eternally grateful. I haven’t felt this well for twenty years. Forever grateful,” John S., RN, Cottonwood, CA