Allergy Secret #7 – What I Learned from Grandma Can Help Your Allergies Instantly

A practice my grandmother taught me continues to be a habit I have today…

By Dan Gay

My Grandma Myers was ahead of her time when it comes to health. Many of the things she did when I was a kid are in vogue now. When I was young she had a big metal pulp juicer that she attached to her kitchen counter. She prepared all kinds of concoctions that we drank. She also followed homeopathic medicine, of which I was fortunate to learn and pass on to my kids today.

Grandma Myers used to say that she never got a cold and I can’t ever remember her having one. She also lived to 96 years of age, so the natural path that she followed certainly worked for her.

What Grandma Practiced for Allergies:

1). Go Wash Your Face:

This one is easy and makes good, logical sense. Airborne pollens accumulate on your face: you’re breathing in pollens right under your nose and you rub your eyes with dirty hands. Go wash your face with soap and then wash your face off with cold water. Practice this any time you get allergies. It’s both refreshing and it helps.

2). Dr. Schuessler’s Cell Salts:


Grandma also took cell salts for symptoms. Dr. Schuessler’s cell salts program is still a homeopathic practice followed today. It’s incredibly simple and it works. Dr. William H. Schuessler was from Germany. In 1873, he published a homeopathic journal called Shortened Therapeutics. The theory is that if a tissue mineral deficiency exists, this creates an imbalance, which causes symptoms. By adding the corresponding cell salt of the symptom to the body (there are 12 tissue salts) you can bring relief to the symptom.

I still have her marked up Dr. Schuessler’s Cell Salt book today that I break out when anyone has a sore throat, allergies, or a cold. I still remember her giving us our alternating 3s, 4s and 5s for a cold (Take 4s for a sinus infection). For allergies, she would have us take No.2 Calc. phos, and alternate with No. 9 Nat. Mur. If you have any question about cell salts, click on the link above or ask someone at Natural Grocers to help you. They are simple cell salts that are inexpensive and safe to use, since they’re cell salts. You simply put 4 to 5 number 2s under your tongue until they dissolve. Then in 30 minutes, put the same amount of no 9s under your tongue.


3). Nettles and Vitamin C


Grandma was a researcher and a reader. She found that nettles and vitamin C helped to build immunity for allergies. I just recall her giving us these GIANT horse pills, which seemed giant but they were probably average size for an adult.

Dr. Ivker would concur that these two items are excellent daily-use products for allergies. In fact, his research led him to develop a daily allergy-use product called Sinus Survival Allercide with the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C – calms the histamine response to allergens and the best immunity builder
  • Stinging nettles – help dry up nasal passages
  • Quercetin – a powerful antioxidant, which in addition to its allergy benefits, is an anti-viral, and offers G.I. protective benefits. It is especially beneficial for the allergy sufferer to stabilize mast cell membranes to limit the release of histamine and inflammation into the body. The only issue with quercetin is that it can be difficult to absorb into the body (only absorbing 1% of its benefit). Researchers found that bromelain helped quercetin’s nutrient bioavailability. It was also discovered that bromelain helped vitamin C absorption as well, therefore bromelain, in the proper dosage, is an important ingredient in Dr. Ivker’s Allercide natural supplement
  • Bromelain – a naturally occurring antioxidant found in pineapple, is used in many arthritis and joint medications for its anti-inflammatory properties and acts to calm the inflammation caused by allergies. Its absorption benefits noted above also make this a team-player for allergies
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a natural amino acid derived from L-Cysteine. NAC helps reduce the thickness or viscosity of phlegm. It’s known as a mucus thinner and one of the best natural expectorants available. NAC also boosts the antioxidant glutathione to help support the other ingredients above to stabilize cell and liver function to reduce the histamine response

Dr. Ivker recommends taking Sinus Survival Allercide 2 caps for 3x a day for two weeks prior to your normal allergy season and then 2 caps a day during the allergy season. I’ve been following this routine along with grapeseed extract for the past 7 summers and I rarely ever have an allergy, so I know this works.

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