The 5 Things Causing You Congestion and Sinus Pain at Home and Work

1Ever Think Your Congestion and Sinus Pain Could Be Caused from the Air?

Indoor Air Is 100x More Polluted

Studies show that indoor air can be up to 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Did you ever stop and think that your congestion and sinus pain could be caused by the air?

While we may think about “The Brown Cloud” that has become a part of our lives in big cities, we rarely think about the air that surrounds us inside where we spend most of our waking and sleeping hours. For many of us, we spend 90% of our time indoors. This is even a bigger concern.



It’s easy to see those floating particles in the air if you see light shining in through a window. Man, just look at the activity out there. It’s like rush-hour on a congested highway of dust, dander, pollens and even viruses. And those are the particles that you can see! Many are so small that you can’t see them, but they wreak havoc on your respiratory tract. Just look at that photo of real-live pollen. See those prickly, thorny points? It’s no wonder that your chest and throat feel scratchy and you get congested.

What’s alarming is the unseen floating particulates (under 10 microns in size), which are the villains that can cause allergies, headaches, sinus congestion, colds, respiratory conditions, asthma symptoms, pulmonary disease, and emphysema.

On top of the floating particles are formaldehydes in building materials, glues, and toxins in carpets and floorboards, plastics, and other materials that are just not healthy for us and can cause headaches, sinus pain, and congestion. In addition to that, many homes are loaded with fungus and molds, which become airborne and can cause fatigue and sickness.

Why Nature Rocks

Mother nature has thought of everything, it’s just our human race that interferes with the goodness of nature. Moving water, waterfalls, forests, rainstorms, trees and plants are natures air cleaners. They produce high levels of negatively charged ions. These ions attach to positively-charged ions which become too heavy to stay in the air, dropping to the ground. The Earth is one giant negative ion producing machine, if you’re in nature. Even new research shows that just taking a hike can reduce stress hormones by over 50%, even if it’s a quick one in the park. Okay, let’s get back to negative ions…

Just think of what it smells like after a rainstorm or if you are on a mountain peak or in a forest or next to the pounding surf of the ocean. In these areas, the negative ions are the most intense. Studies show that these negative ions make people feel better in addition to cleaning the air.


What Are the Solutions to Save Me?

Let’s take a page out of mother nature’s book!

1). Indoor Plants to Improve Air Quality:

Plants compliment air cleaners – especially those that can remove formaldehyde:

  • Boston fern
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Striped Dracaena
  • Dwarf date palm
  • Spider Plant for Carbon Monoxide


2). Indoor Filter

  • Air duct cleaning, once per year minimum (most people forget to ever get them cleaned!)
  • Furnace filter – electrostatic or a pleated filter
  • Carpet cleaning – vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter or water capture; cleaning agent with no chemicals


        3).  A Good Quality Negative Ion Generator – A Must!

If we are following nature as our guide so far, then let’s go all the way. We can only do so much inside with nature, there’s a proven way to bring trillions of negative ions indoors. Most people can build a giant waterfall or have a big forest in their home or office, but you can simply plug in a small negative ion generator which will replicate nature. Years ago, we turned to Howard Goldberg, who acquired the technology to formulate a negative ion generator. Through years of great success, it’s the most simplistic thing you can do to improve your air at your home, where you sleep and at your office.

The Air Vitalizer Benefits:

  • Emits 3 trillion negative ions per (like nature)
  • Negatively charged particles attach to positively charged particles – dust, pollen, dander, mold, bacteria, & viruses
  • The heavier particles that are created fall to the floor leaving clean air
  • It’s small, it can fit in the palm of your hand. Just plug it in on a dresser in your bedroom, in the kitchen, or at your desk at work
  • One ionizer cleans an average room in about 20-30 minutes
  • It’s silent, and costs just pennies per day to operate


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“Buy a good quality ionizer to generate negative ions. Being in a negative ion environment will make you feel relaxed, yet alert and exhilarated.”

Living in Alignment Feng Shui: Newsletter Volume 3, 2003


The Air Vitalizer is the culmination of over twenty years of experience in research on air ions, air purification, and the design of negative ion generators. It will provide years of benefits and trouble-free operation. The Sinus Survival Air Vitalizer is completely ozone free. If you’re looking to significantly improve your health and well-being by reducing the adverse effects of breathing polluted and ion depleted/imbalanced air, you will find the Sinus Survival Air Vitalizer to be the ideal unit.

Totally silent and costs only pennies to operate (no filters to replace). It is very portable, so it can be used at night in the bedroom (where you will receive 6-8 hours of benefit) and then either moved to another room during the day, or taken to the office (office air is typically bad). The Sinus Survival Air Vitalizer is also ideal for travel because it cleans and freshens stale, stuffy hotel air. Most people place one in their bedroom and one in their office at work.

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Get one for each bedroom and one for your office, the two places where you spend the majority of your indoor time. Protect yourself from the floating villains that can cause you issues and feel great in the process!

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