Sinus Headaches

How a Breakfast Burrito Cured My Sinus Pain

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival Want to learn some secrets for living without sinus pain, sinus congestion and frequent sinus infections? You’re going to be surprised to learn the common-sense approach which Sinus Survival followers have discovered. So what does a burrito have to do with my sinuses? Let me first share that I was told by doctors that I had the following conditions:

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Get Relief for Dry Sinus Headache and Sinus Congestion

by Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival You’re tired of the sinus pressure. It’s as if you’ve hooked your nose up to an air pump. Your head feels like it’s ready to pop. You’re contemplating taking a sharp object to relieve the sinus pain behind your eyes. You just want to put an end to your suffering, HELP, and dynamite crossed your mind, but there’s a


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