A Breakthrough in Self-Care, Prevention and Modern Medicine.

A New Free Tool to Change Your Life
Dr. Rob Ivker
Were you aware of an amazing new benefit that Village Green is providing to you to facilitate a breakthrough in your health? It’s a personalized self-care on-line tool which provides you with an on-going roadmap for your health. It starts with a customized supplement, which costs around the same as buying all of those bottles (but actually getting exactly what you need).

This is clearly a breakthrough in modern medicine. Why? Because studies show that nearly all chronic conditions stem from nutrient deficiencies. Even if you take current supplements and eat well, you are most-likely lacking in specific nutrients caused by many factors including stress, prescriptions, foods devoid of nutrient etc. Now IQYOU changes all of that.
Creating a strong immunity has always been an important part of my Sinus Survival program illustrated in my books. The problem that I have often heard from readers and patients is their frustration in purchasing multiple bottles of supplements (it’s time consuming and expensive) and then having to manage filling pill boxes and remembering when to take them. We now have the best of all worlds.
Your customized formulation simplifies the process for you. The IQYOU system defines and delivers a combination based on your needs. It then packages them into convenient daily packs and even tells you when to take the pack (day 1, breakfast, day 1 lunch…). These are the highest-quality nutrients which Dr. Pizzorno, a trusted colleague, and his team have researched for their quality, maximum potency and efficacy.
I applaud Dr. Pizzorno and the IQYOU team for this advancement in health. I‘ll begin recommending this to my patients as a core necessity to add to their daily health program. I truly endorse this for those who are serious about getting their best results to thrive again.
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