Should I Take Antibiotics for a Sinus Infection?

by Dan Gay, CFO Sinus Survival   As you know Sinus Infections or Sinusitis can be miserable, frustrating and down-right debilitating. You feel exhausted, the pain behind your cheeks and eyes is maddening, your vision is blurred, you cough and hack, you have nasty green or brown-green mucus (snot as my daughter calls it) draining down your throat. We’ve become accustomed to begging our physician

Allergie Season 2013 Worst in Years

Allergie Season 2013, Worst in Years

An Associated Press article on April 10 reports that allergies this Spring are worse than they’ve been in many years. This is being attributed, especially in the Southeast, to the unseasonably cold weather this winter, in addition to an especially wet winter in other parts of the country. The cold delayed the gradual blooming of the trees, so that now there’s a massive release of