FREE Personalized Nutrition Program: Combine Your Own Personal Chef with Your Custom Nutritionist

Get What Your Body Needs and Let Your Energy Soar Combine Your Own Personal Chef with Your Custom Nutritionist
By Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival
What if you had that healthy glow that you used to have when you were 18? If you’re body operated at its peak level, how do you think you’d feel? If you could radiate with energy, what could you accomplish?
What if you were able to minimize or eliminate the inflammation which causes headaches, sinus congestion and body aches and pains? What if you were able to build an iron-clad immunity where colds were almost non-existent and sinus infections were a thing of your past?
Introducing a breakthrough in self-care, through an on-line personalized nutrition program to give you exactly what your body’s been craving!
FREE Personalized Nutrition Program – -Individualized. Personalized. Just for YOU.
The IQYOU Personalized Food and Nutrition Program is Free, it’s easy and will get you started on the road to feeling vibrant again.
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The Background:
Chef George Mateljan spent many years traveling the world looking for foods that were associated with cultures renowned for their health and longevity. To be added to the list, these foods also had to be nutrient-rich, familiar foods that are readily available and affordable at your local market. And not least of all, they had to taste great!
Chef George then went to some extremes by cooking foods for different time periods and through different processes, and having those foods tested for their peak nutritional value. Our technology experts then took George’s Healthiest Foods and Recipes and combined them with the latest in science, research and programming. After over a decade of development we’ve matched your unique biochemical needs to the recipes your body is craving and to a one-of-a-kind personalized supplement pack to give your body its correct nutritional needs:

  • The healthiest foods on the planet
  • The peak nutritional cooked values
  • A revolutionary 1 in 100 million customized IQYOU NutraPack

Use any of the recipes on your IQYOU site (especially the ones that are recommended for your specific nutrient needs). Those who begin to integrate these foods into their lifestyle find that their energy soars and you may notice that you rarely get sick!
We all have to eat so why not select whole, fresh, nutrient-rich World’s Healthiest Foods for an easy enjoyable way to vibrant health and energy. After all, it was selected just personally for you. It’s almost like having your own personal chef!
Click on the IQYOU link below to get your FREE Personalized Nutrition Program. You just won’t believe how good you’ll feel. Click Here to Get Started >>

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