How to eliminate allergies from your life, naturally! No more sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, or feeling wiped out. By, Dr. Rob Ivker Are you struggling with allergies and wish you could remove them from your life? You’re in luck because there’s a way! You have to first stop what you’ve been doing… because it doesn’t work!   3 Proven Ways to Stop Allergies There are


Choose Your Next Healthy Meal at IQYOU

Choose Your Next Healthy Meal

Allergy-Free Zone Part 2 – Eliminate Allergies Naturally! 3 Simple Steps For the severe allergy sufferer looking for the underlying causes to stop their allergy condition. By, Dr. Rob Ivker If you read Part 1, you now have the Quick-Fix for stopping an allergy naturally as well as a way to build your immunity to allergies so you don’t get them in the first place.

5 Steps to Discover Underlying Causes of Allergies

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Allergy-Free Zone Part 3 – 5 Steps to Discover Underlying Causes of Allergies By, Dr. Rob Ivker By now you understand that your allergies can be much more than a floating pollen or a response to hayfever. If the Quick Fix didn’t solve your recurring allergy symptoms, although I would guess that they’ve helped considerably, how do you find out what factors are creating your

Getting a Cold – My Worst Cold in Years – Lessons Learned

getting a cold

Getting a cold is miserable. It knocks you out. It might not lay you up, but it sure slows you down. It affects everything you do including sleeping, talking, working, and even thinking. I really haven’t had a bad cold in years. Usually I’m diligent about practicing what we preach at Sinus Survival. But it happened. A full-blown, knock-me-off-my-feet, bad head and chest cold, mixed-in

How to Get Rid of a Cold Fast Naturally

Get Rid of a Cold Naturally

This is a follow-up to my last cold post. If I feel the aches and pains of a cold, sore throat, runny nose, I’m in tune to take quick action. This time, however, I opened my doors to this cold. My actions said, “go ahead take hold and make me feel miserable”. I had weekend immunity from working too long, sleeping too little and not

March Madness of the Mucous Membrane

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Having lived in Denver for over 40 years I’m well aware of the extreme dryness of the air in the Mile-High City. However, during the winter months it isn’t just Denver that suffers from dry air. By the month of March, almost everyone north of the southernmost states has had the heat turned on in their homes and has been breathing relatively dry air for

No More Allergy Suffering. Make this Allergy Season an Allergy-Free Season.

Allergy Season, Allergy-Free Season.

If you’re tired of being on the allergy misery treadmill, you’ve got hope! Over the past 10 years Dr. Ivker has developed a comprehensive program that absolutely works for me. I was in misery from April through the spring and then during my peak allergy times in the summer…no longer. By naturally addressing the underlying causes of those allergies, I rarely have allergies anymore, if

The Air Vitalizer Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Pollens & Dust from the Air You Breathe

The Air Vitalizer

Feel Energized & Stop Floating Cold, Flu and Sinusitis Viruses, Plus Bacteria and Allergens from the Air You Breathe Discover the Multiple Health Benefits of Negative Ions! Indoor air can be 100x more polluted than outdoor air. What is alarming is the unseen floating particulates (under 10 microns in size) which can cause colds, viruses, allergies, headaches, sinus congestion, respiratory conditions and even pulmonary disease

Uncovering the Root Causes of Sinus Symptoms

Think of yourself as Sherlock Holmes. You’re beginning to unravel the mystery of why you’ve had this sinus condition, and identify the multiple factors that have contributed to your sinus pain and sinus suffering. With each step in this process your goal is to uncover additional factors that have been causing inflammation and sinus symptoms. Since everyone is unique, your challenge is to better understand

Reduce Your Sinus Inflammation with Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Dr. Rob Ivker, author of best-selling Sinus Survival, recommends that there are two things that you can do to decrease the inflammatory causative factors in your body: 1). Decrease your intake of inflammatory foods: processed sugars and starches, refined/simple carbohydrates, dairy, alcohol, white flour, processed foods, chemical sugar sweeteners, table salt, MSG, caffeine, and red meat; and 2). Increase your intake of anti-inflammatory foods. Add