Two Weird Sinus Relief Tricks


Discover these ancient secrets to relieve sinus pressure and congestion. Dr. Ivker illustrated these in his 4th edition of Sinus Survival. You can do them almost anywhere, in the car, at a stoplight or in your office (well, maybe with your door closed).


#1. Om or Aum Yogi Chant

#2. Sinus Acupressure

Om or AUM Yogi Chant:


In your car, home, or office, this is an easy one.

So why does this help? By producing this humming sound, it vibrates the nose and nasal passages, which helps to open them. Go ahead, place your index fingers on the outside of your nose and OM or AUM. (Go ahead, no one is looking). Feel the vibration?

This AUM meditation is thousands of years old and is used in Chakra Chants by people around the world from the beginning and ending of a yoga class to yogi’s and monks. It’s the basic sound of the universe and has been used for health and healing.

We’ve provided a link to a video by Yogi Shanti Desai to provide the proper technique – very cool!

1). Sinus Acupressure: Dr. Ivker illustrated this technique in his Sinus Survival 4th edition. Acupressure works under the same principle of acupuncture, using the same points on the meridians, but with direct finger pressure used in place of needless (phew, that’s good).

The Purple Pain Points: Gently take both index fingers and place at the indentation points next to your nose. Gently apply pressure. If you can hold this for at least three minutes, it can relieve sinus pain, congestion and even allergies. You can also gently pull both fingers outward while holding the same pressure to help to relieve sinuses.

The Blue Dot: Use your thumb to apply pressure here for 30 seconds while applying pressure with your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This can help with congestion to begin draining blocked sinuses.

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