Getting Sinuses Unstuck – The Role of the Cilia

As with anything in life, if you understand the basics of how something works, “what makes it tick,” you can maximize its performance. You know that you’ll protect your car’s engine and make it run more efficiently if you change the oil every 3,000 miles. It’s the same thing with your nose…


Discovery About Your Nose

We all have something called cilia, which are microscopic hairs which sweep particles and bacteria from our nose.


There are millions of them. They’re like a giant car wash, like a wheat field blowing in the wind, flowing back-and-forth, when they’re free and working properly. Their function is to remove unwanted particles, bacteria, pollen, etc. from the nose, which you take in from breathing.

But that can all change with a sinus infection, allergies, colds, or other inflammatory factors. Cilia can become immobilized, it’s like they’ve decided to picket and go on strike. They’re telling you: WE CAN’T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS.

The most effective way to END THEIR STRIKE and get them back to work again is to give them what they want… BETTER CONDITIONS.

Years ago, Dr. Ivker found the most effective way to remove the blockage and mucus causing these intolerable conditions was to attack them from a number of areas. His Quick Fix does just that. Dr. Ivker talks quite frequently about effective nasal hygiene, which is essentially trying to keep your sinuses in a moist state and to remove any inflammatory factors which can cause sinus blockage.

While the Sinus Survival Spray is an excellent way to keep your sinuses moist during dry periods, sometimes you need a little more help. The Sinupulse Elite is that tool to give sinuses a quick shot of what they need.

The Sinupulse Elite® Works FAST


Studies show its effectiveness at improving cilia action and to get things flowing again. It’s the quickest way to get the cilia back to work (to come off of their strike) and functioning again.

I have my whole family trained. At the first sign of a cold or congestion and miserable allergies, everyone knows to use the Sinupulse. It’s one of the ways that has kept me in the clear, literally.

If you don’t have one already, here’s a link to check it out: Click Here

Don’t go down the path, like I used to, by medicating and by not addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms. This time, take a different course to stop congestion, stop allergies, and you’ll feel better faster and hopefully, you won’t have to live through another sinus infection!


  1. susan says

    Reading alot about the mucucilia functions makes so much since. I heard that special saline solutions must be used in order to work on the cilia. Which solution do you suggest?


    • dgay says

      The cilia can become “stuck” and not work the way that they are suppose to. This can be caused by the overuse of steroid sprays, sinus infections and other causes.

      Dr. Ivker recommends two things: 1). Use a Sinupulse, during times when you feel pain and pressure or when your sinuses are “stuck”. This unit has been shown to restore cilia function.
      2). Use Sinus Survival Herbal Spray to make sure that your sinuses do not become dry or if you have mucus.

      Dan, CMO

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