Custom Nutrients to Fit You Not Your Neighbor

Custom Nutrients to Fit You Not Your Neighbor – A New Approach to Solve Your Unique Needs

Isn’t it curious that we all buy the same bottles of supplements, but no two people are alike? Did you ever stop and think, is this right for me? Did you wonder if you should be taking the same thing as the 6’7” person who just stepped in front of you?
We’re not only different, we each have very unique needs. One prescription depletes vitamin K, while another robs the body of essential minerals. A vegan diet may lack iron, while stress and acidic foods deplete potassium and magnesium. Diets are missing nutrients and each of us process nutrients differently. Age, sex, weight, exercise, lifestyle and even sleep habits can create different needs. It’s no wonder that over 98% of us are nutrient deficient.
A “one-size-fits-all” approach can’t possibly fulfill your body’s exact needs. Fortunately for you, there’s a solution that your body’s been craving. Maybe you haven’t been listening, but it’s been sending you signals: feeling tired, fatigued, aches and pains just to name a few.
Isn’t it time to learn about a revolutionary customized solution called IQYOU?
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Each custom supplements recommended is engineered specifically for you – right down to thedosage and form that best suits your needs. There are actually over 100,000,000 unique formulations to fit each person to address:

  • Unique nutrient deficiencies
  • Prescription contra-indications
  • Body dysfunctions that can lead to ill-health

Feel better faster. By including only what your body needs (and leaving out what it doesn’t need), custom supplements can get to work immediately, helping to eliminate the root causes, imbalances, and toxins that create symptoms. You’ll see results more quickly, and your body works more efficiently with a perfectly matched combination of vitamins and essential nutrients.
Convenient daily packs, inexpensive when compared to buying multiple bottles and trying to guess what you need, and made just for you.
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