Why Sinus Sufferers Have Bad Breath – and What to Do

Dr. Ivker Patient Question: I have really bad breath and it smells like infection, what should I do?

If you’re conscious of your breath or even embarrassed, you’re not alone. It’s a common issue for sinus sufferers, and there’s a solution. Unfortunately, this is a very common complaint by both the sinus sufferer and those around you (the other sufferers of your breath). There are three common reasons for this:

1). Indigestion causing bad breath

2). Sinus infection

3). Candida or fungal infection

I know the symptoms because my wife used to remind me quite often that, “your breath stinks” or “you smell like you have an infection”. I commonly had sinus infections, I was a chronic sinus sufferer, I had indigestion every time I ate, I was always congested, my sinuses were always clogged and I had no relief (and was always embarrassed about my bad breath). It’s no wonder when you have all of that nasty production going down your throat.

The common culprit of all 3 above is a candida overgrowth. Candida can cause indigestion and heartburn. It causes congestion and continual sinus infections, which is like a stagnant cesspool of heinous muck. This “bad fungus” also feeds on fats, sugars, and yeasts that you eat, which their toxic waste is like a garbage dump emitting a bad odor in the back of your throat resulting in bad breath.

How Do I Know if I Have a Candida Overgrowth?

Dr. Ivker has found that there is no reliable lab test for candida. Over 90% of his chronic sinus patients, over a 25-year period of time, have candida. It is almost a given. If you’ve had repeated sinus infections (2 or more a year) there’s a very high probability that you have candida.

There are two reliable ways to find out, both support the other:

1). Take the online Candida Quiz –  CLICK HERE >>

2). The A.M. saliva test (take the quiz and you’ll receive the information on this simple test)

How Do You Get Rid of It?

Antibiotics don’t work because they don’t address candida/fungus, they are only effective with bacterial infections. Over time, antibiotics also become less effective against bacterial infections. Unfortunately, Antibiotic over-use is the main cause of a candida overgrowth, they have been proven ineffective for the majority of sinus infections, so you don’t want to reach for the antibiotics for a sinus infection, believe me. That’s how I became a chronic sinus sufferer, by repeated rounds of antibiotics for repeated sinus infections.


Follow Dr. Ivker’s 7 Step Process

If you have a candida overgrowth, there is no quick pill to eliminate it. Dr. Ivker has worked for years to finally find the right combination to get this fungal overgrowth (that lives in a bio-slime and is very difficult to eradicate) under control. 92% of those who follow his protocol have been able to stop their chronic sinus condition for good. Think about that. I had chronic sinusitis for 12 years. I felt miserable. In 90 days it was a cloud had been lifted from my head and in 180 days I felt like a new person. This really, really works!

1). Take specific strains of anti-fungals

2). Follow a candida-specific eating routine

3). Eat natural anti-fungals

4). Follow detox regiment

5). Stress-release and issues-in-the-tissues process

6). Eat anti-inflammatory foods

7). Discover your food allergies

If you take the quiz above, you’ll be directed to see the next steps and receive an email with more information.


Good Luck!

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