As Sinus Season Approaches, Learn How to Play Offense

In sports, you never win with just an offensive plan. Winning teams have a strong defense to block aggressive attacks. Playing the sinus game is the same thing.

I’ve already seen patients with sinus infections and upper respiratory conditions. Fall is turning to the sinus and cold season… It’s time to go on the offensive and have a good defensive strategy ready. This post is about playing offense.

If you learn some new habits, take a few precautions and take the right herbs and nutritional ingredients, you could go without getting a cold or sinus infection, having respiratory issues, or coming down with the flu, sinus infections, and other viruses.

What followers of my programs find is that they go with fewer colds, stop the cold to sinus infection cycle, and when they do come down with a cold or virus it is less severe and the duration is much shorter. Here’s why:

  1. They find the underlying causes of their inflammation, congestion, and sinus issues to address and eliminate them.
  2. They’ve strengthened their immunity.
  3. They understand their body signals and what to do about them.
  4. They’re prepared to take immediate action when they have a symptom.

It’s like anything in life, when you’re equipped with knowledge, prepared for events and take action, you will usually have successful outcomes.

Let’s review #1 above: If you’ve been struggling with continual or chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, pain, and congestion, isn’t it time to find out what’s causing it? The chief culprit is inflammation usually caused by numerous factors creating a perfect sinus storm including:

  • Allergic reactions to foods, spices, ingredients, drinks, and toxins
  • Fungal Sinusitis, primarily a yeast overgrowth
  • Histamine allergic reactions to airborne pollutants
  • Improperly functioning cilia in the mucus membrane
  • Drying factors which cause your sinuses to feel congested with pressure
  • Blockage of the sinus airways
  • Impaired immunity

Number 2 through 3: The Sinus Survival program takes you step-by step to address the causes in #1.

  • If you understand each of the factors which are causing the inflammatory response in your sinuses, which then in turn, cause congestion, blockage, pain, post nasal drip, sleeplessness, and then the cold to sinusitis cycle, you can eliminate them.
  • If you’re able to create new habits which build a super-strong immunity, you may go years without getting a cold.
  • If you understand your body’s signals, these are like a green light to take action.
  • If you’re prepared with the right tools before a symptom or a body signal, and take action you may feel achy, but never really get a cold and never suffer through another sinus infection again!

Take the first step, get started with the Gold Membership and Kit. Watch the videos, download the PDF’s, become empowered, and take action. If you have questions, Gold Members receive free email support with a sinus coach. Click Here for the Breakthrough Membership

As always, I am available for phone consults through If you follow the Gold program and email program, you’ll save a lot of money, pain, and frustration and hopefully like many others, live free of this condition.

Dr. Rob Ivker

Author, Sinus Survival

Founder, Fully Alive Medicine


Questions:, 1-888-432-0033

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