7 Steps to Super-Sleuth Your Sinuses

Find out how you can do a Sherlock Holmes on your sinus issues. If you follow the 7 steps to unravel the inflammatory factors of sinuses, you could be like the 92% of people who stop chronic sinus pain.

The Breakthrough Discovery Center is an inexpensive online program developed by Dr. Rob “Rav” Ivker and Sinus Survival. This solution took over 30 years of development to deliver a concise program to walk those with sinus issues through the steps to eliminating their chronic sinus condition.

“Unfortunately, there is not a quick-fix for chronic sinusitis, but there is a proven solution, backed by my 7 ½ medical study and countless patients and those who have followed the Breakthrough Solution online,” says Dr. Rob Ivker.

The Perfect Storm of Sinus Misery


When you discover the elements that are stacked against your sinuses, you’ll realize why you’ve probably been in misery for years. Most sinus sufferers have:

Poor Immune Function due to stress, lack of sleep, antibiotic overuse, poor diet, and other factors.

– A “Type A” Personality, which means that they drive themselves too hard.

Food Allergies that they are unaware of that are causing inflammatory factors.

– A Candida Yeast Infection, which is causing a whole host of symptoms they were unaware were all related.

Poor Nasal Hygiene and Poor Air that contribute to their condition.

A Diet That Contains Many Inflammatory Foods that inflame their sinuses.


The Solution?

Follow the 7 Steps in the Breakthrough Sinus Solution Center. At only $95.90, it’s less than the cost of one doctor visit and it can yield a lifetime of benefits. This price also includes an online consult with a Sinus Consultant to get you started.


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