Sinus Nirvana – a CURE for Chronic Sinusitis

Want to learn the key to finding sinus nirvana? Not Nirvana the rock band, but true freedom for your sinuses? Just take our hand and we’ll help you scale the Sinus Survival Pyramid to Success.


Nirvana is a fitting name. In many religions, the term is used to describe a profound peace of mind. In Shramana, the term was used to describe the state of being, free from suffering. In English, it is synonymous with salvation, extinguishing, and liberation. The Buddhists describe it as the stillness of mind, after the fires of the mind have been extinguished.

Sinus Nirvana was revealed to me when I no longer had to live in a sinus fog. I no longer had to live with the agony of sinus pain, sinus congestion, and routine sinus infections, which became my everyday normal. I no longer had to cough, hack, or clear my throat.  I was finally able to sleep uninterrupted and to feel fully refreshed the next day. Stillness of the mind just can’t be accomplished when your head is pounding and all you can think of is how to stop the pain and misery.

How does one achieve Sinus Nirvana? Answer: practice and dedication

For those who are open to learn something new, change their approach, and create new habits, almost anything is possible:

  1. Learn the relationship between inflammatory causes and sinus symptoms
  2. Become a practitioner of new habits
  3. Take new actions when new signs present themselves

Once you start to establish new habits, you’ll receive an amazing health benefit from those habits. It’s not only Sinus Nirvana, but an actual transformation in your entire health – mind, body, and soul. As Dr. Ivker says, “You will begin to feel like you can accomplish almost anything.” This isn’t a quick pill, but a number of small changes, which will yield big results.


  • Change your approach to address a cold or sinus infection: shorten the duration and severity.
  • Discover the fungal sinusitis causes to eliminate the #1 cause of chronic sinusitis.
  • Begin to substitute inflammatory foods for non-inflammatory foods: reduce sinus inflammation.
  • Practice good sinus hygiene: stop dry sinus headaches, congestion, and prevent colds and allergies.
  • Build a strong immunity to prevent colds, which can lead to sinus infections.


Begin by taking the first steps in the Silver program. You’ll receive information and content along the way to help you uncover your underlying causes and new practices to follow to achieve your own nirvana breakthrough.

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