Uncovering the Root Causes of Sinus Symptoms

Think of yourself as Sherlock Holmes. You’re beginning to unravel the mystery of why you’ve had this sinus condition, and identify the multiple factors that have contributed to your sinus pain and sinus suffering.

With each step in this process your goal is to uncover additional factors that have been causing inflammation and sinus symptoms. Since everyone is unique, your challenge is to better understand your own body and how it has responded to a variety of potential risk factors. For example, many sinus sufferers have food allergies, but you will have to determine which specific foods present an inflammatory challenge to your body.

For the majority of individuals who have followed the Sinus Survival program, it’s a personal journey. By being aware of the cause and effect of each component presented, and by beginning to pinpoint how you feel in relation to what you’ve eaten; what your surroundings are; and the factors which cause your sinus condition; you’ll be able to eliminate it.

Example: Take note of how you feel within 15 minutes of eating. Keep a food diary. If you have an increased pulse, your nose runs, you start to cough; you feel your sinus congestion, sinus pain or other sinus symptoms, take note of what you just ate. Begin to dissect what caused that reaction. It could be a spice, it could be a grain or soy or dairy. Again, everyone has allergies to foods; it is usually the foods that you like the most which could be causing inflammation and sinus symptoms.

How do you get started?

  1. Download The Sinus Survival Guide, Section 1 and 2. available Free to Silver Members. Review and start implementing these first steps.
  2. Have severe sinus inflammation? Download Practicing Good Nasal Hygiene and begin to practice Dr. Ivker’s daily routine to build healthy sinuses.
  3. If you have a current cold or sinusitis download Dr. Ivker’s Quick Fix. Components of the Quick Fix are also a part of the Practicing Good Nasal Hygiene document.
  4. The Gold Membership is recommended for Chronic Sinusitis Sufferers. Tutorials, the Sinus Survival Guide Sections 1 -5 and even a Sinus Coach will help you to get started.

BECOME A SUPER SLUETH and make your sinus pain, sinus congestion, sinus headaches and other sinus symptoms a thing of your past.

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