Type-A – The Sinus Sufferer Profile – Why?

I’ve seen thousands of patients over the years and there’s one common trait with many of them: They’re Type-A Personalities.

These Traits Seem to Be Consistent:

  • Workaholics – choose work over sleep
  • Perfectionists
  • Hard on themselves
  • Self-critical
  • Driven and set high standards for themselves
  • Put a lot of stress on themselves
  • Hard on their bodies
  • Competitive
  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Relationships can be strained


The 10 Things That Relate to Your Sinuses


There are many things that swell to become “the perfect storm” for the sinus sufferer. Looking back at it, I can track my journey to my chronic sinusitis. If you take a few minutes to look internally, you probably can too. The lesson here is to “learn how to navigate around this storm.”


1). You work too hard, you don’t get enough sleep, your immunity is compromised, and your ability to fight colds is lessened.

2). You’re hard on yourself, you’re critical, and you don’t give yourself a break. You push yourself more than most and expect a lot out of yourself. Your “inner voice” is critical of everything you do. This stress and emotional turmoil causes inflammation in your body causing headaches, sinus congestion, and sinus pain. Many have what I call “issues in the tissues,” which are driving them so hard and creating so much stress on themselves.

3). When you should be resting, you’re running a marathon. I’ve had everyone from Tour De France riders, marathoners, and executives that just don’t stop. I remember one patient that couldn’t connect the dots that he was still running 8 miles in mornings in the dark, in 10 below zero weather with his cold and just how taxing that cold air and over-training was on his lungs and sinuses.

4). You’re on the go, you grab a Powerbar, drink coffee, eat on the run at the airport, and either overindulge eating when you do finally sit down or you skip meals along the way.  That four food groups, balanced diet is sacrificed many times. I have patients list what they’ve eaten in the past week and most are surprised to see what they ate versus what they should be eating. They just aren’t getting all of the healthy nutrients that they need.

5). You’re running hard and don’t recover well. You don’t listen to your body signals and get rest to recover and to build your immunity; your colds turn to sinus infections.

6). You have more sinus infections than most and are taking more antibiotics. You ask for more antibiotics because “this must be a bad sinus infection because the last antibiotic didn’t work.” You may even suggest a different named antibiotic because you researched and found a newer, stronger type. You could rattle off many names of antibiotics, because this has become your life.

(Little do you know that antibiotics have been proven ineffective for the majority of sinus infections).

7). Those antibiotics kill off all the beneficial flora in your G.I.

8). A fungal overgrowth called candida begins to take hold. That “good bacteria” (the town sheriff) is no longer around to keep the peace, so the candida outlaws take over. They first build new biofilm colonies in your G.I. (gut), and then they capture the new frontier moving into your joints, up through your sinuses and nose. With no peace-makers around, they overpopulate and run rampant in your body. Their toxic waste causes a list of symptoms from fatigue and aching joints to phlegm, sinus pain, congestion, and continual sinus infections.

9). You now become allergic to many foods you eat, causing more inflammation.  The candida now controls your life. You’re tired, you feel like you’re living in a fog, and you can’t get rid of that continual sinus pain. Anything seems to set your sinuses aflame. The hot dry air, polluted air, and pollens become a trigger for more congestion. Allergies become more severe. You’re in the perfect storm and there’s no end in sight. You may even have a doctor who tells you that “you’ll have to learn to live with it.”

10). You’re a Type-A person so you take action. You have sinus surgery. That didn’t work, so you may have another one. Many of my patients have had multiple sinus surgeries with little results.


So Much Pain and Frustration

At this point, chronic sinus sufferers become so frustrated and even emotionally depressed, with little hope for their future. They’ve become caught up in the Sinus Suffering Cycle. They’ve become accustomed to weird habits like continual throat-clearing and coughing. They can’t sleep through the night without almost gagging and their sleep being disrupted continually from sinus drainage. They wake up groggy and tired, with a pounding head and swollen sinuses. It’s hard to think during the day. They’ve become cranky and irritable. This has become their life.


The Solution – You Don’t Have to Live This Way

Thankfully there’s a solution. It doesn’t include surgery, as surgery is not curative. It doesn’t include sinus medications; it doesn’t include steroid nasal sprays or harsh pharmaceuticals. It certainly does not include antibiotics – they just don’t work for sinus infections and most respiratory issues.

There is no quick fix, but there’s a solution.

It took you years to get here, you can change your sinus storm in 90 days and certainly begin to feel better in just 3 weeks. Think about how it would feel to sleep through the night. To lift that brain fog, the congestion, sinus pain, and to rarely, if-ever, have a sinus infection again!

I’ve developed a step-by-step solution to set you on a new course. You’ll discover how to make simple changes that will change your life. You’ll eliminate the fungal overgrowth; rebuild your immunity; stop the post-nasal drip; dry up the mucus and phlegm; and feel refreshed, vibrant, and like yourself again. Over 92% of those who follow my online tutorials and natural protocol have success and at the very least I guarantee you’ll have dramatic improvement.


The Breakthrough Sinus Solution has been the answer for thousands of people. I’m confident it will be for you as well.


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Dr. Rob “Rav” Ivker

Best Selling Author, Sinus Survival

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