Your Personal Chef to Choose Your Next Healthy Meal

Have you ever wished you had your own personal chef? 1Better yet, what if you had someone to provide specific recipes designed just for your unique biochemical needs? Wouldn’t that be great!

Think about how frustrating it is to try and get creative with what you’re going to have for dinner each week. We all end up falling into our same old habits and eating the same old things. And because of numerous factors, the majority of us just aren’t getting the nutrients that we need.

Did you know that the majority of us are nutrient deficient?

It’s the leading cause of fatigue, lowered immunity, catching more colds that for you, lead to that next sinus infection. It’s also the cause of ill health. Sinus Sufferers are in a unique category as we are hard on ourselves, creating more stress; we’re “type-A” people, which leaves us with less sleep and lowered immunity. Since we’re on-the-go, we don’t get all of the nutrients that we need. And since we’ve taken antibiotics, our G.I. has been compromised and we don’t absorb the nutrients that could really help us.

Now back to this personal chef idea. What if you had someone who had researched the healthiest foods, studied the most nutritional way to prepare those foods, and spent years perfecting these into delicious recipes? Now think about this: if a technology simply matched your unique nutrient needs and then recommended the recipes that fit your profile…wow, that would simplify your life and give your body what it needs.

The future of personalized health and nutrition is here and it’s available to you now, for free!

We’ve collaborated with Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, founder of Bastyr University, and the leader in the field of functional medicine, and his team to create a tool to help simplify your health and your life. One amazing benefit is that this smart tool, called IQYOU, matches your unique nutrient needs with nutritional food choices and recipes to deliver what your body’s been craving.

IQYOU provides three great solutions to meet your individualized nutrient needs:

1). A personalized food and recipe selection based on your unique profile

2). A meal planner to drag and drop recipes so you’re ready for the day, week, or month

3). A customized nutrient solution to meet your biochemical needs

The combination of these three powerful solutions will help you find more energy, eliminate many symptoms that you may be having, reduce the risk for future chronic conditions, improve your immunity to stop the cold to sinus infection cycle, and feel great!

The recipes are sourced from around the world and then previewed by Village Green’s nutritionists. The IQYOU system then delivers the right recipes based upon your own unique individual needs. Truly brilliant!

You can get your FREE access to see what George has dreamed up to match your unique individual nutrient needs, Click Here>>

(Just create your free account, fill out your profile, and then click on MY DIET to see your personalized foods).

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