Beta-Glucan – A Super Star for Sinus Health

There are over 400 studies on the benefits of beta-glucan showing its benefits from sport performance enhancements to numerous sinus benefits including:

  • Rebuilds white blood cell count after strenuous exercise for better overall immunity.
  • Marathoners found a 15% performance increase after taking beta-glucan for 60 days.
  • Asthma patients reported fewer asthma incidents and better breathing.
  • Fewer allergies were reported when on beta-glucan.
  • Candida elimination benefits have been shown in 3 different studies.


Candida and Immunity

 The pure beta-glucan in Well Immune is very beneficial for candida and fungal sinusitis. Studies suggest to add this to the protocol for candida sufferers. Beta-glucan stimulates both macrophage and neutrophils activity in the body. These are the primary immune cells which are responsible for removing harmful fungi from the body. Studies also show their ability to attack viruses, harmful bacteria, and even cancer cells.

The beta-glucans bind to phagocytes and macrophages at their receptor sites. This activates these receptor cells ability to fight infection and tumor fighting benefits. Research shows that this causes free radical production, which signals new white blood cell production to attack bacteria, diseased tissues, candida fungi, foreign pathogens, and tumor cells.

The beta glucan initiates the production of cytokines, which are used in the cell-to-cell communication in the body, which stimulates macrophages.

Studies done at Brown Medical School and Rhode Island Hospital discovered that beta-glucans caused a direct attack on the infection through the neutrophils. Their research showed the enhanced ability for the neutrophils to detect foreign invaders, like candida and bacteria, within the body.

Note: Most beta-glucan is extracted from baker’s yeast, barley, oats, or shitake mushrooms. Sinus Survival uses a purification process that removes the mannoproteins during the alkali wash step, leaving pure beta-glucans, without a trace of yeast and the protein that candida need to survive.

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