How can I prevent sinus infections when I travel?

This problem seems to be increasingly common. It’s probably a result of a combination of factors – extremely unhealthy cabin air in addition to a weakened immune system. Prolonged exposure to the air in aircraft is becoming one of our most significant health risk factors. Fortunately, all flights are now smoke-free, but the air is still filled with the viruses and bacteria of our fellow travelers, and very low – nearly devoid – of negative ions. When you combine this factor with extreme dryness, which is an irritant to the mucous membrane, it’s easy to see why prolonged exposure to the infections of the other travelers poses a challenge to our defense systems. The lining of the mucous membrane is our chief protection against upper respiratory infections – colds and sinus infections. Secondarily we are protected by the immune system. However, the stress of travel, often coupled by the lack of sleep, can significantly weaken your resistance to infection.

To prevent illness while traveling you should focus on minimizing both risk factors.
1). To strengthen the immune system,
2). To help maintain optimal function of your mucous membranes

The Quick Answer is to:

– Take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C a few hours before traveling. Take 500 mg a day when you travel.

– Bring an AirVitalizer with you when you travel. Plug it in when you first reach your hotel room.

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