Do I Have Candida?

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The Sinus – G.I. Connection

Are you tired or fatigued?

Do you have sinus pain, congestion and symptoms that never seem to go away? Do you have to clear your throat during the day and have nasal drainage which wakes you up at night? If so, there’s a very high probability that you have a yeast overgrowth, fungal sinusitis or what is called a Candida Overgrowth.

While not everyone with a candida overgrowth has fungal sinusitis, everyone with fungal sinusitis has a candida overgrowth. Why is this? Candida colonize and thrive in a moist environment. They can infiltrate numerous organs throughout the body. For sinus sufferers, candida has spread to take residence in the sinuses and usually the throat, which can also cause thrush.

See If You Have Candida – Take This Quick Test: Candida Questionnaire-Sinus Solutions

Is Candida Overgrowth Serious?

Yes, but don’t worry, there’s a solution. A candida overgrowth can control your life and really make you feel miserable.  You can eliminate it by following Dr. Ivker’s Candida program. Unfortunately, it does take a minimum 90 day commitment to follow the right process to get this under control. For some people it may take 180 days or longer depending on the severity. And people who take shortcuts end up struggling with symptoms for years. Because Candida can limit the nutrients that your body is able to absorb from foods and vitamins, candida can be a precursor to numerous chronic conditions and disease states if you don’t take action!

What is Candida?

Candida is a yeast that occurs naturally in the human body when it is kept in check by healthy flora in the G.I. (Gastro Intestinal Tract). The issue occurs when something upsets the balance of bacteria in your body and this allows this yeast organism to proliferate and take over control of the healthy microorganisms.

Antibiotics are the primary cause. They kill off healthy flora that keep candida in balance. Healthy flora actually feed on candida as their main food source. Just one round of antibiotics can compromise this balance. Repeated courses in one year or over a course of years can create the perfect storm for a candida heyday. The over-prescribed use of antibiotics has created a candida epidemic in the U.S. and most are unaware that the majority of their symptoms are based on this root cause!

Other contributing factors which fuel a candida invasion are: birth control pills, chronic stress, an acidic pH in the body, and the S.A.D. diet (Standard American Diet high in white flour, sugar, pastries, and yeasts, which candida thrive on). When you learn of the cause and effect of how candida can multiply, it should be no surprise why candida is such a common issue for the majority of us, and specifically for the sinus sufferer who has had repeated rounds of antibiotics.

It’s been estimated that up to 80% of the U.S. adult population has some form of candida overgrowth. Candida is also one of the most widely misdiagnosed conditions. Candida resides in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals; however it can burrow holes in the intestinal tract, enter the blood stream and then make its way into any organ of the body. It emits over 70 different toxins into the body. These toxins create numerous conditions including a laundry list of sinus conditions which plague the chronic sinus sufferer.

Symptoms of Candida

Allergy Season, Allergy-Free Season.

(not everyone has all symptoms, but many have numerous symptoms)

#1 Complaint: Fatigue and feeling tired. This is your first sign that you have a candida imbalance.

The more the candida have spread throughout the body, the more fatigued people feel. Again, when candida are kept in check, they live in the G.I. When healthy flora are no longer available to keep the candida populations down, candida flourish, thrive, colonize, and spread. They become difficult to eradicate of as they live in bio colonies and they literally set roots, like an invasion of weeds piercing the G.I. tract (called leaky gut). They secret toxins into your system which causes pain and frustration including:

  • Sinus Pain and Pressure
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Dizziness
  • Constant nasal drainage
  • Persistent cough
  • Hacking and clearing throat
  • Sore throat
  • Joint pain
  • Abdominal gas and bloating
  • Indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux
  • Anxiety
  • Vaginitis/vaginal yeast infections
  • Rectal itching
  • Cravings for sweets
  • Inability to think clearly or concentrate
  • Hyperactivity
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Eczema
  • Depression
  • Pre-menstrual syndrome
  • Poor memory
  • Earaches
  • Low sex drive
  • Muscle weakness
  • Sensitivity to fragrances and/or other chemicals
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Thrush
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Chronic pain

How do I Eliminate Candida Issues?

The only proven way to get this under control is by following a 90 day plan to:

  1. Restrict Candida’s Food Sources (restrict your diet of foods they thrive on)
  2. Kill-off Candida with Powerful Anti-fungal Natural Ingredients
  3. Replace the Specific Strains of Health Flora that Keep Candida in Balance
  4. Balance pH in System, so Candida Can’t Thrive
  5. Follow Exercise and Detox Program to Eliminate Die-Off and Candida Toxins

Candida Solution

Candida Diet Recommendations

A great starting point to reducing candida is to avoid these foods:

  • Trans fats, hydrogenated oils (margarine or shortening), and refined polyunsaturated oils such as sunflower, safflower, cottonseed and corn oil
  • Conventional red meat – grass-fed is preferred
  • Grilled and processed meats
  • Foods high in yeast (bread, pastries, baked goods, cheeses, vinegar containing foods, malt products, mushrooms, dried fruits, fermented foods, leftovers)
  • Refined carbohydrates (white rice, white flour, white bread, noodles, pasta, biscuits and pastries containing wheat, barley and rye)
  • Sugar
  • Fruit juices
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy products
  • Chemical additives and preservatives

Note: The Full Candida Diet is Outlined in the Gold Membership

Natural Remedies for Candida

Month 1: Download this Quick Guide 1-page PDF: SS Candida Treatment – First 30 days

dr patientNeed support?

1). Email Questions:

2). Schedule a consultation Our trained nutritionists at our parent company, Village Green, can work with you over the phone to develop the right natural treatment plan specific to your needs, and help to discover the root cause of your candida. They can recommend nutritional supplements including, herbs, and homeopathic remedies. They can also create a diet and lifestyle plan for you.

3). One-on-one phone consult with Dr. Ivker:

Candida can be a difficult condition to get under control, unless you follow the right steps. Many who take an anti-fungal, but don’t follow the diet recommendations, detox recommendations and follow a plan will find that their candida will return. We’re here to help!

Supplement Recommendations for Candida

Candida Bundle: We’ve provided a simple way to get started. Many of the products shown below are already included in the candida bundle and are a part of Dr. Ivker’s first 30 day program.

Allimed: Published studies have shown Allimed to be effective against candida albicans. It’s the first thing Dr. Ivker recommends for sinus infections (over antibiotics) and for the treatment of candida. It’s been shown to address: 1). Fungal infections, 2). Viral infections, and 3). Bacterial infections. Antibiotics only address bacterial infections and studies have shown their ineffectiveness at addressing fungal and viral infections. Allimed is an ultra-concentrated physician’s strength form of Allicin.

Allimed contains 100% pure allicin, the active ingredient in garlic. Allicin is the “mother” substance that breaks down to form a family of compounds that have a beneficial effect upon human health and general well-being. Garlic has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments from hypertension and coughs, to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and diarrhea. However, nearly all garlic supplements are largely inactivated by stomach acid rendering them incapable of producing any allicin. Recent studies have shown that less than 5% of the potential allicin is actually released by the vast majority of garlic supplements. Allimed, manufactured through a patented distillation process, is the first garlic supplement to produce a 100% allicin yield.

Pathway CANDIDA RESCUE: Pathway Candida Rescue is a powerful liquid formula that contains anti-fungal herbs to address candida overgrowth. This comprehensive blend of botanicals supports intestinal flora balance. It makes an excellent adjunct to eating an anti-candida diet

Latero-Flora: Latero Flora normalizes the flora in the human digestive tract, aids in digestion and toxin elimination, and discourages the growth of yeast, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. Extensive testing on humans has shown Latero Flora’s effetiveness in indivduals with gastro-intestinal disturbances, food allergies, and candidiasis hyersensitivity syndrome (candida overgrowth), and fungal sinusitis. Bacillus laterosporus, the active bacteria of Latero Flora, was discovered in 1981 by a Southern California agriculturist visting a remote part of Iceland. This BOD strain has been most effective in replacing the healthy bacteria strain which control candida albicans in the system (they eat candida as their main food source).

The Candida Research and Information Foundation produced glowing reports from trials, indicating that no other product appeared to be as effective as LATERO FLORA at restoring the original, desirable bacterial balance to the human intestines, and thus aiding in many immuno-suppressed conditions.

Sinus Survival Probiotic: Because probiotics are live cultures, product freshness becomes a top priority. Sinus Survival Pro Biotic is carefully handled and manufactured often throughout the year, ensuring optimal product freshness for maximized potency at ingestion. We are so confident of our freshness that we guarantee Sinus Survival Pro Biotic to be at full label strength at ingestion!

Pro Biotic is formulated with Saccharomyces boulardii, a proven potentiator for good bacteria that removes pathogens from the gut. This action enables a more effective probiotic presence, encouraging a healthy environment for vitamin uptake and immune support. Candida impair the absorption of nutrients by coating the G.I. with a biofilm. This formulation of flora has been designed for the sinus sufferer and candida support to build healthy bacteria levels, build immunity and to provide relief for G.I. function to address acid indigestion, heartburn, GERD and many other stomach related issues.

Convenience: No refrigeration needed! Sinus Survival Pro Biotic has been scientifically formulated for room temperature storage.

Candisol: This is a physician strength anti-fungal that is usually only found prescribed by a physician.

For many years, the overgrowth of Candida could be addressed only with anti-fungal drugs and herbs. These anti-fungals, however, have been only partially successful. Now, there’s a better way. Because the cell wall of Candida albicans is made most of various types of fiber, cellulase and hemicellulase enzymes “digest” it, or break it down. As this occurs, the yeast dies, with no die off reaction.

For over seven years, Candisol has provided the most potent blend of plant based, fiber digesting enzymes available anywhere, and helped countless people live richer, fuller lives. Because of its success, imitations have begun to appear, most of which combine cellulase with mega-doses of protease (protein digesting) enzymes. Because protein digesting enzymes digest whatever proteins they encounter, they destroy the healthy bacteria (acidophilus, bifidus, etc.) that help to keep Candida under control, Since people who suffer with Candida already have low levels of healthy bacteria, this is clearly inappropriate.

In only weeks – and possibly even sooner – it will make a difference that you will find hard to believe.

Candicide: This natural formula succeeds in addressing overgrowth issues through natural means. (Pau D’Arco Extract, Sodium Caprylate, Berberine Sulfate, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Oregano Extract, Cinnamon Extract)

Cleansing Action helps support the body in its natural function of eliminating unwanted particles, Candicid Forte includes Goldenseal and Berberine to stimulate Kupfers cells to “digest” those cells, helping the body cleanse itself. (Berberine Sulfate, Oregano Extract) The candida elimination program can cause a “die-off effect” where the candida toxins can make a person feel “fluish”. Candicide and Candisol help eliminate these toxins and cleanse to remove these toxins from creating this issue.

Soothing Agents in this special formula includes carminitive herbs (Ginger Root, Chamomile, Cinnamon Extract) that reduce occasional gas, bloating and cramping.

Pathway 35 BILLION PROBIOTIC: Beneficial bacteria are critical to a healthy digestive and immune system. This high potency probiotic blend is recommended when advanced support is needed (antibiotic use, travel, troublesome digestion). Pathway 35 Billion Probiotic features 8 strains of beneficial bacteria that are stabilized using a patented system that provides shelf stability at normal room temperature (no refrigeration necessary). In addition, the bacteria are designed to survive stomach acid secretions during digestion, therefore eliminating the need to be enteric coated.

Pathway DIGEST-EASE: Pathway Digest-Ease contains a combination of herbal ingredients such as gentian, fennel, Oregon grape, licorice, ginger, and prickly ash to support digestive health. Candida thrives in an environment that is suboptimal. Pathway Digest-Ease promotes digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid (HCl) production. As a result, the digestive system will be better able to kill parasites, bacteria and germs, and keep candida in check.

Pathway OREGANO OIL: Oregano oil is known for supporting the immune system and has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-candida, and anti-parasite properties. Pathway Oregano Oil is standardized to contain 70% carvacrol, which research shows to be the active biochemical in wild oregano.