Do I still need to take antibiotics for every sinus infection?

No. Sinus infections can be treated effectively without antibiotics, if you strictly adhere to the Sinus Survival Program (SSP). Our SSP members have had incredible results utilizing a proven all-natural solution proven more effective and without the side effects. Sinus Survival followers report feeling better in days, not weeks. Also, with a natural solution, you will not disturb the balance of your Gastro-Intestinal tract. The products recommended: Allimed (known as physician strength), take 2 with meals 3x a day for 1o days. Also AlliUltra, which is a lower dosage, can be used effectively, especially with a cold. AlliUltra has been shown to shorten the duration of a cold to 1.5 days versus the average cold which can last for over a week.

Antibiotics have played an increased role in making the chronic sufferer worse over time. In the program you will learn how to treat your patients with a therapeutic program to begin to strengthen the immune system while eliminating the symptoms brought on by the many factors including antibiotics.