Sinus Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of Sinus Infection

Acute Sinusitis-Diagnosis & Symptoms

Primary Sinus Infection Symptoms:

  • Head Congestion
  • Headache and/or facial pain
  • Significant fatigue
  • Yellow-Green mucus from nose or post nasal drainage.

It is very difficult for physicians to make a definitive diagnosis of a sinus infection. However, if you have most or all of these symptoms for two weeks or more, you most likely have a sinus infection. Regardless of what it is called: acute sinusitis, sinus infection, sinusitis, or a bad cold, following the Dr. Ivker’s Quick Fix  to reduce the severity of the symptoms and reduce the time to elimination.

The key is to take decisive action at the first sign of symptoms. The majority who do, are able to avoid a full-blown cold or sinus infection before it gets started.  We recommend to always have the Core 4 Plus Sinus Survival Products and Allimed on-hand.

Additional Symptoms of Sinus Infection:

• Sinus Pain behind the eyes, cheek bones, teeth
• Sinus headache
• Post nasal drip
• Runny nose
• Nasal congestion, the feeling of mucus being “stuck” and won’t drain
• Green nasal discharge, in the nose and draining down the back of the throat
• Sluggishness, tiredness, unrested sleep
• Possible fever
• Difficulty in recall, “my brain hurts”
• Joint pain, feeling achy
• Coughing due to post nasal drip (may become worse at night, especially when sleeping)

Landmark Study: 87% Found to Have Sinus Infection

A Cold for 2 Weeks = Sinus Infection
1993, Jack Gwaltney, M.D.,
University of Virginia at Charlottesville

In 1993, a landmark study demonstrated that 87% of college students and employees who thought they had the common cold actually had a sinus infection. This was diagnosed as a result of a CT/cat scan, the more definitive test for diagnosing sinusitis. The vast majority of people who think they have a simple cold actually have a sinus infection, called acute sinusitis, as an integral part of the cold.