What differentiates the Silver Membership from the Gold Membership?

The Silver Membership is FREE and offers the Quick Fix treatment program for sinus infections and colds. Anyone who has had a sinus infection or cold or has one now should sign up for this free program.

The Gold Membership is dedicated for sinus sufferers who have frequent sinus symptoms, allergies and/or multiple sinus infections. What sets the full Sinus Survival Program apart is that it educates on “Why you are having these symptoms” and it delivers the solutions to “Target the underlying ROOT CAUSES of your symptoms”. By eliminating the factors that cause the symptoms, you can eliminate having the symptoms in the first place.” The Gold program provides the same program that Dr. Rob Ivker advises in his personal one-to-one patient appointments. It provides 30 years of research and discovery with premium content including the Sinus Survival Tutorial Series and the Step-by-Step Sinus Survival Guide for recurrent sinus sufferers to target their ROOT CAUSES and eliminate symptoms. It is the full integrative program which includes a complete video series and 10 Step Component program to feel great again. Many past sufferer’s have called this program “Life Changing”.