Is there any difference between your books and the on-line tutorials?

Yes. The tutorials and Gold membership provide a video education and step-by-step program guide with the latest up-to-date information. It is also designed for today’s busy person to implement the program and to have at your disposal from any computer. Also the Gold Membership provides periodic Gold Member Discounts and incredible content which we could not deliver in any book.

In most cases individuals have had great breakthroughs by following the Tutorial programs. Also, many practitioners ask their patients to watch the Tutorials because they are an invaluable education to help take control of the patient’s affliction. The Tutorials are not meant to replace a qualified Physician or Practitioner who is certified in Respiratory Healing. For chronic sufferers, there are usually many factors that are playing into their condition. A trained practitioner should be relied upon to help diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment program.

The Tutorial is a great learning tool – interactive, fast, efficient and easily updated. It is like having a health coach at your disposal and in your home, without having to set up an appointment. For those who want even more personal guidance, a phone consultation or an in-person office appointment should also be arranged.