Sinus OTC, Prescription or Natural—You Be the Judge


A client asked Sinus Survival if there is a contraindication with our natural products and prescriptions for Astelin and Nasonex and what we would recommend.

My feedback was this…

I am not a physician, so I can’t tell you to disregard your prescribed treatment program. Dr. Ivker would say to always try a natural approach first, if that doesn’t work, then move on to other options. What I can tell you is how those items worked for me.

There is no real contra-interaction with our product. From experience, several years ago I was using Nasonex, Nasacort, and Astelin, and that was a part of my misery. All 3 caused rebound effects, all three made me feel tired, drugged-up and caused poor memory recall and my sinuses always felt “stuck.”

Astelin is usually taken as an antihistamine. I must say that bar-none, the best antihistamine is AllerDx. It stops allergy symptoms in less than 10 minutes. It is also a natural product, with no known side-effects. The most common side effect of Astelin and many prescription and OTC drugs is feeling fatigued and many of the side effects that I noted above.

If one gets into the routine of taking Pathway Grape Seed Extract, as I do, you just won’t experience allergies, unless rarely. If then, just take 3-4 AllerDx, and those minor symptoms go away. Grape Seed builds a natural histamine in the body after about two weeks (take in the a.m. on an empty stomach). I also take Sinus Survival Allercide daily to help open my sinuses—plus it’s a natural antihistamine. If you need to take a spray to keep the nose moist and to keep from getting a dry headache, then use our Herbal Nasal Spray.

The issue that I have with using both Astelin, Nasonex AND our products, is that you will still feel the rebound effect, still feel stuffed-up, and still have many symptoms with those products. You won’t feel the full benefits of trying something different.

The other thing is, these drugs aren’t a necessity. If one goes without it, it will not cause a dangerous issue. Quite the contrary, my recommendation is to try something different for two weeks. You already know that you feel miserable while taking these products, so try something else:

1). Get a journal, write down how you feel in using the products that you are taking now. Note how you feel immediately after taking, an hour after taking and then 4 to 5 hours after taking. Do your sinuses burn, are they feel inflamed, do you feel tired, have memory recall issues, or feel like you’re walking around in a daze? At what point do you start feeling allergy symptoms or other sinus problems?

2). Order the products above, now do the same journaling and use for two-weeks without your sinus medication or OTC. When you feel an allergy, take AllerDx, then time yourself. After 10 minutes, how do you feel? After 30 minutes, how about then? It takes two weeks for the Grape Seed Extract and Allercide to make a real difference, but every few days write down how you are feeling, and do that for two weeks.

Now compare your journal notes. You can then be the judge for which works best for you. I already know how that will turn-out, but at least you are doing a good demo on what works best for your body.


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