Allergy Treatment


Follow Dr. Ivker’s 3 Simple Allergy Steps

Create Healthy Indoor Air

We breathe about 20,000 times a day. When most of the air we inhale is toxic or polluted, it can contribute to causing headaches, chronic sinusitis, asthma, and allergies. Also, the positive ions produced by computers, TV screens, and other electronic devices can be energy depleting and weaken our immunity. Consider these important components to improving indoor air quality.

  • Purchase a good ion generator It removes pollen, dust, mold, animal dander, bacteria, and viruses from the air. It also counterbalances the harmful positive ions while increasing healthy negative ions.
  • Add air purifying house plants – There are specific plants that work as a natural air cleaner which remove toxins like formaldehyde, including Boston fern, chrysanthemum, striped dracaena, dwarf date plant, and spider plant.
  • Clean air ducts and replace furnace filtersGet your air ducts cleaned at home, in addition to changing your furnace filter on a monthly basis during the winter months.

Build Allergy Immunity

Many of the recommendations for treating chronic sinusitis are also effective for treating, preventing, and curing allergies.

These nutritional supplements contain natural antihistamines to limit the severity or  stop allergy symptoms from occurring.

Pathway Grape Seed Extract – Contains oligomeric proanthocyandins (OPCs) to reduce the production of histamine. Dr. Ivker recommends 300mg for the first week before allergy season and 200mg thereafter through the allergy season. Also take during the peak cold and flu season.

Sinus Survival Allercide® or Pathway Allergy Support Plus – Both products include herbs found to steady histamine production, open nasal passages, thin mucus and limit inflammation.

Take Quick Action to Address Allergy Symptoms

AllerDx Dr. Stephen Morrissey developed this formulation after years of research and clinical tests to improve immune system tolerance to your environment. He states, “It incorporates a multi-targeted approach to strengthen and re-balance functional aspects of your general health so that your immune defenses function as intended:

  • It calms the histamine reactions within 10 to 20 minutes to provide quick allergy relief.
  • Improves nasal air flow with respect to seasonal environmental sensitivities and challenges.
  • Moderates the body’s reaction to the external environment”.

Take 3 to 4 capsules up to 3x a day when allergy symptoms are present. May also be used daily to build allergy immunity.

Other Solutions Helpful for Allergies:

Sinus Survival Herbal Spray – Formulated with botanicals to soothe swollen sinus passages. It is also has anti-viral properties. This spray can be used 2 to 3x a day to moisten dry sinuses.

Sinupulse Elite® Pulsating Irrigator – Reduces the allergy response by cleaning the cilia to perform at its optimum level to remove particles from the nose and sinus cavities. Only a pulsitile irrigator can break-up the biofilm that can cause the cilia to become immobilized. Daily use recommended with allergies or use 2x-3x a day with a cold or sinus infection.

Get Your Allergy-Free Season Started!

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