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Get results with this education of a lifetime. There’s hope for you if you’re a sinus sufferer. Your personalized website provides an easy-to-follow 7 video integrative tutorial series, and your step-by-step program guide, diet plan and self-education program to bring you relief. If you’re like most you can say good-bye to your recurrent condition:

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  • Understand why you’re at risk and what to do about it
  • Discover the root causes of your sinus symptoms and how to eliminate them
  • Identify the contributors to inflammation and how to control them
  • Find the secret to avoiding the cold to sinus infection cycle (many eliminate sinusitis for years or for good!)
  • Uncover why your immune system is letting you down
  • Build and fortify a super-strong immune system to avoid getting sick
  • Review the secrets to building healthy sinuses to feel great again
  • Recognize body signals and how to have a quick counter of defense to avoid the full-blown cold or sinus infection
  • Learn how to block histamines naturally to avoid hay-fever and allergy symptoms
Over 90% achieve a break-through to achieve a level of health they never thought possible. Reduce inflammation, sinus pain, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip and other symptoms and either eliminate for good are at a minimum, learn the cause and effect ways to manage them from ruling your life! Treat sinus infections, sinusitis and colds quickly and naturally – without the use of drastic antibiotics. Stop that sinus infection dead in its tracks – before it takes hold. Learn how to avoid getting sinusitis and the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Eliminate the sinus sufferers cycle to have a new outlook on life!

You’ll receive guidance and downloadable tools, the Sinus Survival Guidebook, the Fully Alive Diet recommendations, immunity support and more. Learn the 10 components to avoiding the cold to sinus infection cycle and how to practice daily prevention to eliminate your symptoms and a learning guide as well as valuable to guide you including the downloadable learning guide, sinus survival diet plan and guide to non-inflammatory foods.
Many, just like you, have cured their chronic sinus symptoms for good!
Wipe-out other symptoms you may have which you didn’t know where related:
A one-on-one self-guided tour by Dr. Rob Ivker
The videos and learning program is narrated by Dr. Rob Ivker, the world’s leading expert in sinus health. You’ll experience a one-on-one experience, similar to that received in Dr. Ivker’s (3) 90 minute direct patient appointments. Patients pay $1,200 for the full program, which Gold Members receive for only $89. Gold members also receive many other benefits including personalized weekly emails from Dr. Ivker to keep you on your course.
The Gold program has also designed to complement the Respiratory Healer network treatment program. (Tell your Dr. about it if you are interested or contact a Respiratory Healer to follow the treatment program along with the Tutorial).
After curing his own chronic sinus condition many years ago, he focused his life’s work on researching and creating an integrative full solution to benefit the millions of sinus sufferers. (Learn more in the About Us section).
Dr. Ivker has treated thousands of patients consistently with the same cause and effect results. Follow what others have learned to THRIVE AGAIN!
Learn how to apply techniques to:

  • Improve Your Energy
  • Heal Your Entire Body
  • Reduce Stress
  • Create Positive Energy
  • Master Relationships, Conquer new Challenges and more!

Thousands have found relief through education, awareness and the Sinus Survival Program
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