Dr. Rob Ivker

Dr. Rob Ivker

The world’s leading authority on sinus health

Best Selling Author, Sinus Survival
Medical Director, The Respiratory Healer Network
Co-Founder, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

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“Welcome to the Sinus Survival Community. Access free articles, downloads, tips, and more. Upgrade to benefit from my personalized training program with a 10-part, 90 minute tutorial series, the Sinus Survival Guide, Diet Plan, and personalized emails, to THRIVE AGAIN! If you need a coach or practitioner, we have a network of Respiratory Healers who can help you.
Discover the secrets that others have learned. For most, it’s a life-changing experience. What if you got rid of that tired, run-down feeling with the list of sinus symptoms that are keeping you from really enjoying life? There is another way and remember, you don’t have to live with this” – Dr. Rob Ivker

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Follow the Pyramid to:
1). GET RELIEF from your current symptoms
2). Find and Eliminate the CAUSES of your symptoms
3). HEAL your inflamed sinuses
4). AVOID THE frequent cold-to-sinus infection CYCLE
5). Build an IRON CLAD IMMUNE SYSTEM to prevent
viruses from taking hold.
6). Learn PREVENTATIVE MEASURES to feel great
7). Have a GAME PLAN if a symptom returns
10). Understand the MIND-BODY connection

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