Healthy Trade-In #5-1 Salt That’s a Health Danger and 1 That Promotes Good Health


The Trade-in: Table salt (health enemy #1) for healthy Himalayan salt Benefits: Lower “bad salt” intake, lower “good salt” intake, and add beneficial minerals to your diet The American Heart Association states that 9 out of 10 Americans consume too much salt: over 3,600mg a day[1]: 226% of the recommended daily allowance. Excess salt intake creates poor health conditions including high blood pressure, stroke, heart

Type-A – The Sinus Sufferer Profile – Why?


I’ve seen thousands of patients over the years and there’s one common trait with many of them: They’re Type-A Personalities. These Traits Seem to Be Consistent: Workaholics – choose work over sleep Perfectionists Hard on themselves Self-critical Driven and set high standards for themselves Put a lot of stress on themselves Hard on their bodies Competitive Difficulty expressing emotions Relationships can be strained   The

Healthy Trade-In #4 – Which Fruit Increases Metabolism in Fat Cells?


Trade-in Your Current Dessert for this Healthy Fruit Raspberries are a Super Fruit and they’re in Season! Not only are raspberries inexpensive and delicious, but they offer an amazing array of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that aren’t found in most fruits. Eat them after a meal to improve digestion, block fat cell absorption, and provide a natural anti-inflammatory response within your body. Raspberries are low

Side Effects of Nasal Pharmaceuticals


I was recently asked where someone could find a custom compounded nasal pharmaceutical for a sinus infection including Itraconazole and Mupirocin and Triamcinolone. My first response was to ask a few questions, which pointed the person into a new direction. One without the many short-term and long-term side effects and one with true natural sinus relief. So What Are These Names I Can’t Pronounce? All

FDA Warning for Neti Pot Users – Important!


The FDA warns that if they aren’t used properly, the user runs the risk of The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned that the use of neti pots and other nasal irrigation devices can be dangerous, if not used properly. They can lead to serious infection from contaminated dirty devices and normal tap water. The problem isn’t the neti pot, it’s how it’s used.

It’s Right Under Your Nose…Your Foods, Your Misery


Do this exercise and find out the underlying causes of your sinus inflammation By Dan Gay, CMO Sinus Survival   It’s time to do a quick study on yourself. Think of yourself as an outside observer and do the following activities and you’ll learn some amazing things that will stop many of your sinus issues. Underlying Sinus Inflammatory Cause #4 There are 7 main causes